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Found 58 results

  1. Hi, I have a surplus set of 4 x speedline corse wheels in 18". These have been fitted to a 996 GT3 but I believe they should suit any narrow body 996 and or 964/993. These original magnesium wheels don't come up that often and are the essential 90's/00's euro motorsport wheel. Wheels have been freshly powder coated in their original 'white' and include new 'Speeline' decals in 'black'. Note, 1 of the rear wheels has been repaired and I have included images of the repairs. They currently have an old set of Hancook semi slicks on them but these can be removed if preferred for postage etc. Pick up in Frankston South preferred although happy to post at buyers expense. Any questions let me know. $2500.00 ono Cheers, Hugh.
  2. There's a 996GT3 and a 991GT3 market watch thread, so I thought I'd start one for the 997GT3s. Part of my motivation was because of some recent price drops, so it will be interesting to see how they sell. There are currently four 7 GT3s for sale on carsales. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2007/SSE-AD-5058332/?Cr=0 Club sport, White with orange trim (mirrors, wheels) MY07. Car appears to be on WOVR and has minimal history. 21k km Price $165k (recently dropped from $175k) https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2007/SSE-AD-5161543/?Cr=3 Club sport, black MY07. Full service history with 38k km. Price $195k https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2008/SSE-AD-4670370/?Cr=1 Club sport, white MY08. Full Service history with 33k km. Price $198k (recently dropped from $208k) https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2008/SSE-AD-4047460/?Cr=2 Touring, white MY08. Full service history with 42k km. Price $225k Seems GT3s are now sub $200k cars, with the black GT3 sitting at $195k for a little while, possibly suggesting they may need to move a little lower. The white and orange car might be a good buy for someone wanting to drive and wrench. $165k when other GT3s were selling for $225k would probably make it a good buy. Presuming you could negotiate one of the other cars to $185k, $165k seems a tad high. Maybe $150k would pull a buyer?? Makes the 6/7 GT3 market around the $160k a little crowded.
  3. Well I am not in the market for it, but its an interesting one to watch right now! 991.1 GT3 is now starting to hit the market with price tags that begin with a 2. i.e. http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/dealer/details.aspx?R=OAG-AD-13752859&Cr=6 $299k drive away in NSW http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=SSE-AD-4705738&Cr=10 $275k in VIC, late build/delivery car with the engine issue fixed from new SO, how far prices will tumble, will no doubt be relative to how well the 991.2 is received, which is going to be good I am guessing. I am sure at some point there may even be pricing overlap between 997 GT3 and 991.1 GT3 So who is tempted???
  4. So i thought i'd start a conversation on the Nations Cup GT3's to see what history we can dig up... I know some members on here are current owners of the MK1 996 GT3's that raced in the day so hopefully they can contribute. Back then i was a mechanic along side some of my mates in Porsche GT3 teams so i know most of the cars but it would be interesting to know where 14 or so GT3 Clubsports are now? Anyone got photos or stories feel free to contribute?
  5. After a forum hiatus to get some of life's sh*t together, I thought I'd make a cameo appearance to let you all know about LuftWasser 2022. As with LW2021, LW2022 is again being held in Albury-Wodonga. This time, from April 2-4 inclusive. In keeping with the Porsche heritage, LuftWasser is open to all models of Porsche sportscars. For that reason, we've chosen to not include Cayennes, Macans, Panameras, and now Taycans. There's also no non-Porsche daily drivers allowed. The format for the weekend is as follows. FRIDAY NIGHT For the people who arrive on Friday, a street party in Albury. There's plenty of street parking, and loads of places to catch up with old friends over a meal or a drink. Its also a great opportunity to meet up with other entrants that you may only know online. SATURDAY MORNING A cars and coffee type morning in Nouriel Park in Albury. There's a cafe that does great coffee, plus food and drink vendors. SATURDAY AFTERNOON Destination Unknown Drive - ~3½ hours of spirited driving, with a half way regroup stop. Observing the speed limits of course. SATURDAY NIGHT 3 course Gala dinner SUNDAY Track day at Barnawatha Raceway. You'll get 3 or 4 sessions of untimed track action in small groups of similar type cars. There will be alternatives for people who don't want to do the track day. SUNDAY NIGHT 2 course group dinner MONDAY Drive to the winery in Beechworth for a sensational lunch. Entries will open in a few weeks time via the online portal, where you'll be able to book and pay for everything in one transaction. We'll send out an email when the portal goes live. If you didn't come to LuftWasser 2021, and would like to register your interest, please email us at luftwasseraustralia@gmail.com https://luftwasseraustralia.wixsite.com/luftwasser See you there.
  6. For sale is a ring and pinion set as pictured. For a stock 997.1 GT3, GT3RS, 997.2 GT3 and likely more. (i think same also as 996.2 GT3 too but you would have to confirm) Removed from car with deliver km only and stored since 2007. OEM 3.44 ratio $1500 incl shipping in aus - prefer local pickup in Sydney.
  7. Hello - for sale is my spare Porsche 911 GT3 LSD. Fits tons of Porsche (G50 gearbox) - and is a 40% locking, 997.1 GT3 clubsport spec one. Used for delivery km & changed out and into storage since 2007 when car was new. $1500 + delivery / packaging costs if sending it. Heavy bugger. Prefer pickup in Sydney if possible. It will need some good packaging if shipped.
  8. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a36731909/2022-porsche-911-gt3-california-ban-manual-transmission/ Looks like the 992 GT3 manual won’t be allowed in California due to noise regulations, and owners will have to switch to PDK instead. Sounds mad, and I never realised having a manual transmission made your car that much louder I’d certainly be unhappy if my name were down for a 992 GT3/Touring A bit on why below https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a36741701/porsche-911-gt3-manual-fails-californias-noise-test/
  9. So, as some of you may know, I have a bit of a dabble in rebuilding aircooled 911 motors.. Had a friend with a 3.0 and quite a few oil leaks.. with a lot of planning and help from friends in the USA, months of parts delays, etc.. we have upgraded this 3.0 SC to a 3.5litre motor. Cannot really give away all the technical bits but most of you will know what's in there from the pics. The brief was that he wanted the car to be a street car so dyno charts are not being posted at request of the owner. All dynos are different, and I have been in cars with "certified 200hp at the wheels with a dyno to prove it" that are no where near 200 hp at the wheels. Let's just say the number is substantially more than stock! I've driven 964s and 993s (stock apart from chip and zorst) and this thing feels way way quicker. The throttle response is instant. The torque comes in early thanks to the longer stroke and custom length rods (oops, might have said too much already ) and it is flat. And boy is this motor smooth... It's a real shame it's gone back to the owner.. I really didn't want to stop driving it! Might just have to build one for myself... Anyway, here are some pics to tell the story.. not enough pics during assembly, sorry. But you can see the sorry state the motor was in. If you have an aircooled 911, and it "only drips a few drops after a drive" it is leaking too much!! Forgot to take a whole bunch of pictures at this point....
  10. Hello all Wondering if anyone has come up with a solution for increased lumbar support for their GT3 lightweight bucket seats? OMP, Sparco etc make some great inserts for their race seats, but I have been reluctant to buy a set in case they don't fit! Anyone got any tips, cheap or otherwise? Be great to hear back if so! Happy driving. Cheers
  11. I know this is a long shot but thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone knows or can source some Porsche CFRP Light Weight Bucket Seats. I was going to get some Recaro SPG seats but I believe there is a legal/compliance issue with not having the side airbag so I am back looking at Porsche seats. Or if anyone wants to swap there's for some very comfortable 18 ways, see my other post:
  12. I know this is a long shot but thought I'd post just in case anyone is wanting to swap there very uncomfortable Porsche Fixed Carbon Bucket Seats for some very nice comfortable 18-way seats plus some cash. There are a number of motor trimmers around who can change stitching colouring and head rest leather/lettering for a small additional cost if required. These seats are also interchangeable/plug and play except for the memory function and suit cars 2016 onwards. I was going to get some Recaro SPG seats but I believe there is the issue with not having the side airbag so I am back looking at Porsche seats.
  13. Hi All, I'm chasing some suspension parts for a 996 GT3. Anyone have any parts or complete suspension assembly kits that are surplus their needs? In particular I'm chasing the top hats (front & rear) and the arms that thread onto the struts (front & rear). It would be great to find these as separate items but understand if only available as part of a full suspension set. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Pic below for reference.
  14. Hi all selling sport seats from my 2010 gt3. Black leather side bolsters and a dark grey alcantara centre. Porsche crest on the headrest. Very comfortable seats with manual vertical and horizontal adjustment and electric recline. They've done 51k kms and in excellent condition. There is some minor wear/creasing on the side bolsters as pictured, otherwise not a stain or mark anywhere. The alcantara in particular is nice and clean and fluffy From my research these should bolt right into all 996 997 987 models. They'll come with the associated rails and hardware. Looking for $3.8k . These are boxed in Adelaide, happy to help sort out transport interstate if needed. Cheers for looking!
  15. Hello. Up for sale is a brand new Schroth Profi Porsche GT3 996/997 3×2 racing harness (SCH-94690). I drive a 991 GT3 so lesson learnt for buying online late at night after a few bevvies! Retails for $830+ in Oz. Happy to let go for $750. Brand new, only removed from box to view. I'm in Melbourne and happy to handover or post (at buyers cost). Can be contacted via forum or by mobile at 0434 Four Zero Six 512. The Schroth Profi Porsche GT3 996/997 3X2 racing belt is a Porsche GT3 Cup competition belt configured as a Profi 3X2 6PT race harness system with Porsche specific bolt-in ends (B43A) which are compatible with all 996 and 997 GT3, RSR, and Cup cars. The Profi GT3 3X2 belt features universal 3" polyester webbing at the shoulders, 2" polyester webbing at the lap belts, lightweight 2" pull-down adjusters, and RFR rotary buckle. The Schroth Profi Porsche GT3 3x2's universal usage 3" shoulder belts are designed to be used with or without FHR/HANS devices. The 3" polyester shoulder straps will allow the user the option to use the belt system sometimes with or sometimes without a FHR/HANS device. The Profi Porsche GT3 996/997 3X2 2"(50mm) lap belt's most notable feature is that it rides within the crest of the human pelvis where a 3" belt would rest on the edges. This allows you to get the belt up to an inch and a half tighter. That means the lap belt will be working earlier in the accident event because it gets loaded faster. It's also more comfortable and easier to adjust because there's less friction through the adjuster. The Porsche specific bolt-in ends of the Profi GT3 3X2 belts will allow a direct bolt-in to the factory GT3 seat set-up in any 911, 996, and 997 chassis. Shoulders come in 70" length and compatible with most harness bars. FIA 8853-2016 Approved. Available in black, blue, red, or yellow colors. • Universal usage 3” shoulder belts, • 2” (50mm) Profi Pull Down lap belts with sewn in Prosche specific bolt-in hardware (B43A), • T-bar adjustable Dual Sub-Strap, • Light-weight RFR Rotary Cam Lock release, • FIA 8853-2016
  16. For sale is a set of Porsche 996 GT3 camshafts, cam actuators, control solenoids, lifters and intermediate shaft. Excellent condition. Only removed to go to cup cam set up. They are near perfect condition, the pics have oil residue which wipes clean. No wear on the lobes at all, they're immaculate. Message for more pics if needed. Good to have as spares for that inevitable rebuild... Sold Also have 996 GT3 / Turbo pinion shaft - $600 And 996 GT3 / Turbo powers steering pump, reservior and pulley. Removed at very low Km to install electric Cup spec pump - $500
  17. Hi all, 18x9 offset +47mm (front) 18x11 offset +66mm (rear) Originally magnesium centres. The original centres were then used to make moulds and re-cast in aluminium. So, they still retain the early style look without the worry of cracking. OEM BBS barrels & new hardware, have been sealed, fitted with tyres and balanced up well. Originally used on a 996 GT3. Happy to post/ship at buyers expense. Any questions let me know. $6000.00 ono Can include 4 x original mag centres as part of the sale.
  18. Missing the actual driving experience a fair bit with this fuggin' pandemic so thought I'd share this little gem on YouTube I just stumbled across.... https://youtu.be/JQAoBBcDnLk Near enough to 10 minutes of Porsche eye and ear porn!
  19. A brief story on my 2004 996 GT3 Cup Car that no one wanted until i found it... Starting out as a brand new 1 of 5 Australian delivered 2004 996 Cup Cars for Jonathon Webb (Tekno Autosports) he successfully raced it in the Australian Carrera Cup placing 6th in 2004 & 3rd in 2005. During its 2 year racing life it was looked after with no expense spared receiving mechanical rebuilds several times over during the years just to get the last 1% out of it the head mechanic tells me, on one occasion after an incident at the Gold Coast Indy $180k was spent rebuilding absolutely everything to brand new spec.. when it finished racing & was sold off at the end of 2005 it was in literally brand new condition with very low hours. Now the interesting part after Carrera Cup. It was sold to a Qld guy that drove it twice on a club track day then as the story goes he either sold it or had it repossessed. The car then went to a guy in WA & was not driven & suffered the same fate, it was handed back to the finance company. The finance company couldn't sell it in WA as no one wanted it, after a few years in storage they sent it to VIC & auctioned it via Manheim Auctions in 2010. The Cup Car was bought by a Victorian car dealer & was used as a display car for several years then went into storage, they attempted to drive it once at Sandown but a fuel line failure didn't even allow them to get a lap in so the car went back to storage. After a few more years in storage the car dealer decided to sell it in 2016 via Manheim Auctions as they do with all the trade ins, it went to auction 3 times with no one wanting it... I was in Europe at the time & was watching the Manheim website with interest, after the 3rd auction & no sale i sent the auctioneer an email with a offer on the cup car subject to an onsite inspection by me & a mate who is an ex Porsche race mechanic, when i arrived back in Melbourne i went down to the auction yard with my mate & had a look, under the dirt & dust from sitting for so long we couldn't believe just how good it was, it looked like a new car. We took a battery & some fuel & attempted to start it.. it fired up for a second then died we did this a few times & knew something was wrong with fuel delivery but the engine sounded very crisp even for a brief second. I did a deal on it & picked it up the next day, all it needed to race it was new fluids, new tyres, a new fuel line & clutch master cylinder thats it! I had taken a huge risk as no one knew any history or anything about it at that stage. A few mates & i were part of several Porsche race teams so we did some digging around & asked a few people, the story just got better & better with the car. The short is, its in new condition with very very low hours & totally original as raced condition, i have driven it about 8 times & its just brilliant (I'm glad i found this car) Porsche have confirmed its the first customer delivered cup car built in 2004 with chassis number 002 Now the somewhat reason for this post apart from me being proud of it.. i was contacted by Porsche Cars Australia as they are looking for an original 996 cup car to put on display as part of Porsches 70 years celebrations at the Melbourne F1GP, they were after a 996 cup that raced in the early days of Carrera cup in Australia (yep I've got one just need to put the original stickers on it) So anyone going to the F1GP feel free to have a look at my car it will be on display in front of the Carrera cup paddock & Carrera cup lounge alongside other historically significant Porsche race cars that raced in Australia 1 from each decade. I even get to do 2 display laps on Sunday morning at about 10am at the F1GP as part of the historic display (100km/h max ) 2005 Carrera Cup as it was raced by Jonathon Webb2005 Melbourne F1GP2005 Bathurst 2016 loaded up for for the drive home 2018 Me driving at Phillip Island My car as it sits today after all the graphics were redone last week
  20. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-Porsche-911-GT3-997-Manual-MY07/SSE-AD-5963371 Feel free to call or text with any questions. Cheers Richard 0403799018
  21. Finally...............after a long wait I have found my MK1 GT3 CS. Better still I'm finally getting around to writing up a post about this illusive car that I've lusted after for so long, and here she is; Not that I've ever really wanted a black car but I did I did want one of these specifically in black just because I think it adds that extra edge to the soft lines of the 996. I've always liked the so-called under-rated models, initially the impact bumper, than the 964 and now I've fallen for the 996 - who knows what will be next? Maybe a Panamera? After a frantic realisation that there was my dream car being listed on carsales I desperately tried to contact the owner who was (typically) being inundated with enquiries. I finally managed to get through and found myself in an offline auction and was holding little hope for being able to make a deal and secure the car. Few more sms's and 12 hours later a deal was done and I couldn't believe it! As it would happen I was taking the family away to Sydney for the weekend and after a quick change to the return fights (destination = Brisbane) myself and Archie headed north for a road trip to get to know the new addition whist bringing it home back to Melbourne. Archie on arrival to the sellers home in Brisbane to pick up the car; We then headed south to Tamworth, my place of birth, Country Music Capital! and where my Dad still resides. It was a short overnight stay but we still managed to do some necessary sight seeing, first stop - the old BMX track (looking very worse for wear ) We then headed towards Dubbo where we encountered our fair share of roadworks and narrow bumpy roads...............taking some route pointers from my Brother (who does the odd road trip in his WRX)..........Little dirt don't slow you down.
  22. Selling a pair of seats from a 996 GT3. Condition is very good. Absolutely no tears in the leather. A few marks on the hardbacks, but you can see that in the photos. Electric recline works perfect, just connect power. Hydraulic lift also works well. Will bolt into any 996 series 911 or will even bolt into an older 911 (I had them in a 1977 model). Located in Greenslopes Brisbane for pickup. Contact me for more info if required. Mike 0418 316 203 $2900 ono Now SOLD
  23. If anyone who does their own Centrelocks needs Optimol, this link will save you a fair bit, I just ordered two 100 gram tins and inc postage from the UK, it was $44.12 compared to $64.00 for one 100 gram tube from Porsche. https://www.motobins.co.uk/

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