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Found 10 results

  1. HI everyone, I am selling my 2004 silver Boxster. This is a regrettable sale but I must sell!!! I have reduced the price to sell! It has been well looked after from leather heated seats to a polished exterior, 92000 km on the clock only. My 2004 Porsche Boxster is an unforgettable ride!. It has airbags to protect you and your loved one. Manual transmission 5spd (short shifter), new clutch installed in 2014. IMS Solution installed (http://theimssolution.com) in 2014. Porsche branded car matts, Cd radio, ABS brakes and side airbags. This Porsche Boxster 2004 has climate control air conditioning. It has leather heated seats, front fog lamps, power steering and cruise control. It has 16" alloy wheels, remote central locking, power windows and leather steering wheel. A roadworthy certificate will be supplied. Registration paid until October of this year. $28,000 If you would like to see more pictures, I can e-mail them or click on my car sales add: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Boxster-2004/SSE-AD-4589423
  2. There isn't a tonne of love for 996 but this looks fair value on the face of it. IMS done, and serviced by T&D.. Decent price.. tiptronic, but still, they are bullet proof. If it has a good body (no previous) then I'd say its OK. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/_/SSE-AD-3403164?WT.seg_4=AutoAlert;PCAA&sdmvc=1&utm_campaign=bau&utm_medium=email&utm_source=transact&utm_content=autoalert&wt.z_driver=Email_SearchAlert
  3. Ive just bought my first ever Porsche a 2002 996.2. It has only done 37k km.I could be the happiest person in Oz right now!! I am going to get the ims bearing upgraded and I was wondering what else would be a good idea to get changed/inspected on a car with such low kms at the same time ? Thanks in advance
  4. This is everything I learned about IMS (Inter-Mediate Shaft NOT Irritable Man Syndrome) bearing. In the form of QnA, I have listed all the quotations I received and all the questions I could think off. These questions are related to the IMS bearing it self. Not to the removal and installation procedure which will come later. The answers are ether from reputable sources or what I have experienced my self. I prefer to stay away from articles found on the web and forum threads with a 12 year old contributes. If it is my opinion or what someone else thinks, I will say so. - What type of bearing does a factory engine have? From the overall reports on the web, the bearing can be any brand. SKF, FAG, NSK and others are noted in engines from the same model type and year. I personally had an FAG made in Poland. The single row bearing is a garden variety 6204 double sealed bearing. My MY03 had FAG 6204-2RSR. I used the exact same one to replace. - How common is IMS failure (IMS bearing failure rate)? I have tirelessly searched for an answer. I did not want to do an open heart surgery on a relatively new car only to later find there was never the need to do so. After some weeks of looking into this issue I concluded: IMS was a real problem. However, the failure rate quoted remained speculative. No reported Failure rate I cam across was backed by real verifiable data. And no numbers I found had any verifiable reference. I am yet to be corrected. But until then, I lean towards saying; only Porsche themselves know how many engines have failed as a direct result of IMS bearing failure. -What symptoms does a failing IMS exhibit? It is safe to assume there are no symptoms. Having said that, you may want to lookout for the following: a) metal shavings in the engine oil and oil filter. Worth inspecting every oil change; distinct bearing noise coming from engine-gearbox area. This is extremely hard to pickup without knowing what this sound is and using a mechanics stethoscope. c) very small changes in relative camshaft timing angle between Bank 1 and Bank 2. There are suggestions that a bearing on the way out will have larger clearances in it's internal dimensions. These larger clearances causes the bearing to wobble slightly. Which in tern causes the IMS to wobble. And since the two camshafts are connected to both ends of IMS, a wobble in the IMS will result in relative camshaft angle to fluctuate. I was not able to detect any movements in relative camshaft timing angle. It remains to be seen if the camshaft position sensor or Durametric diagnostic tool for Porsche are able to detect such minute vibrations. After all my IMS bearing was wobbly at the time of replacement. - When should I change the IMS? The Porsche 911 Carrier Service Manual from Bentley Publishers recommends bearing replacement to be mileage based maintenance item between 50km and 100km. I have changed the IMS bearing when I had to changed the RMS when it started leaking. I am glad I did. At the time the car was exactly 10 years old and had 72km on the dial. The bearing had no trace of internal grease and had a bit of play in it. - What bearing should I use? I have tried to find an alternative to the common 6204 on my single row engine. I wanted the best drop-in replacement money can buy. While talking to bearing suppliers, one switched on sales person pointed out that the seal on the 6204 was not design to work in an such environment such as that found inside an engine. The temperature is too high and the presence of motor oil will not help. Normal 6204 bearings had temperature range between 80 and 120 deg C. This is very close to the Engine operation temperature. When you add the heat generated internally the bearing may get too hot for it's own seals. Next time the bearing is due for service I will opt for a high temperature bearing (e.g. SKF 6204 2RSH/C3GJN or FAG 6204-C-2Z). - Is IMS special tool required to extract and install the IMS bearing? In my opinion, YES. There are internal bearing extraction tools. Most I have seen places the stress on the case shell when pulling the IMS outwards. The IMS special tool will rest on the outer wall of IMS thus minimising stresses. Bearing with seals removed and inside cleaned:
  5. Hi, I have a brand new in box LN Engineering M96 Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) Retrofit Kit including hub, retainer and bearing for single row IMS. Part # LN-106-08-2 from Pelican Parts. Link here: http://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/0916/POR_0916_ENGCAM_pg3.htm#item12 In addition I have a Low Temperature Thermostat (160 deg F) includes gasket, 996 Carrera 2/4 (1999-04). This was recommended as a long term fix for IMS bearing failure. This has been superseded at Pelican Parts, but the new part while cheaper doesn't include the gasket which this version did. Both parts cost me US$690. Both parts are BNIB and really should be on every M96 owners to do list. The story behind me having these is that I bought what I thought was an original 2003 C4S 996, ordered the parts as the very first thing I planned to do to the car, only to have the PPI show up some major repairs that the seller had not been forthcoming about - I kept the parts while I continued to search for a 996, only to end up being seduced by a 993! So these really must go... Parts are located on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, but willing to post for my cost. Asking AUD$400 for both. Ross.
  6. Hi all, considering buying a 1998 build Boxster, 165,000 km, full service books all stamped. IMS and RMS NOT been done but the engine runs and sound really great. Tiptronic transmission works ok. Car recently serviced and all seems great. Should I worry about the IMS? Given its done 17 years and 165,000 km is it likely to fail now? Would experienced Boxster owners get it changed straight away? Are there warning signs? Can any recommend a good, trusted indi Porsche specialist near Ryde in Sydney who won't gouge you on costs if I get the IMS done? Looking for a good job at a fair coin. I have been told it's a $2500 job is this true? Thanks for any advice.
  7. SUPER QUICK SUMMARY: Hey guys. I want someone to look at my IMS and clutch status. Should I go to: 1) BWA Auto in Seven Hills (apparently they are the importer for LN Engineering) 2) AutoHaus Hamilton in Dee Why (Grant has been really polite) 3) Weltmeister in Melbourne (Matt has been a champion!) 4) Somewhere else? Would be great to know what people think of these garages. I will most likely get a post purchase service done by P Centre Willoughby for $695 (it gives me 12 months of P roadside assist) and get them to give me the filter to cut up..... AND THE FULL POST: Dear Team, So I have bitten the bullet. 2005 987 Box S Manual with 71,000kms on the odometer. So far, all servicing done annually through P centres only (Parramatta, Melbourne and Willoughby). Most recent service done 6 months ago. I am wanting the car to be serviced, have the oil filter taken out and checked for IMS / engine debris, change over the oil and, potentially, drop the gearbox and get an idea of which size IMS I have and the degree of wear on the clutch - maybe change it all if clutch is worn / engine can take the IMS solution. I spoke at length to the owner at BWA Auto in Seven Hills. Apparently they are the importer for LN products, including the IMS solution. He says the best move, to protect the car, is to bring the car in, drop the gearbox, take a look at the clutch and IMS and change whatever can / needs to be changed (and at least know I have the larger IMS bearing or the small one.....). The exercise is upto $5000! (Yikes!). I am also tossing up, if the oil filter is free of any debris, whether I should just drive the car to Canberra / Melbourne or wherever I have to go and attend to the problem down the track, just keep checking the filter every 5000kms..... (which a $1300 per year exercise, sad face.....). Has anyone heard of BWA? Are they good? Should I go elsewhere? Autohaus Hamilton? Weltmeister Melbourne? BWA do all sorts of prestige marques, whilst Autohaus and Weltmesiter are P specific. Thoughts? As always, thank-you. PK
  8. Car is now sold (finally) Mods, please feel free to close this thread off.
  9. I have read that last month in the US, Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) have settled a class action and will be reimbursing thousands of owners of early 996's and Boxters for IMS related engine failures. I own a 996 with 135,000km which in all other respects is in mint condition but now has engine failure. I am interested in hearing from others with similar experience and potentially launching similar action in Australia. See http://www.imsporschesettlement.com

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