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Found 6 results

  1. I think I've been asleep! Has the market for old Porsches met and now exceeded even the madness of the heady days of late 2016? There has been a few sales posted lately that have frankly shocked me. The 996 market seems very active with 996GT3's for example nowhere to be seen sub 200k. I'll be buying you all beers if this one goes for close to the asking but possibly $180k isn't far from the mark at all now: 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Manual-SSE-AD-6982124 - carsales.com.au I guess in a time of unprecedented low interest rates and no holiday spending it had to show sometime! Or is it the case of too few sales and too many outlier sales to draw any real conclusions?
  2. Heya, I opened my CTP renewal today and was surprised to see that it was about $560. I normally pay around $400, so I jumped onto the NSW greenslip comparison website and got quotes starting at about $380. I gave my insurance company a call. They apologised and said the renewal didn't take my other policies into account. $360. I'm not sure how that happens, but $200 is $200. Last year when my comprehensive policy was due, I called around the other specialist companies for quotes. I went back to my insurer. They dropped the premium by about $360 and upped the agreed value by $15k. Don't just pay the bill - Make a call or two!
  3. I have been going through the very painful process of reviewing and updating life/income protection policies and was surprised at the changes since the last time I put myself through this third circle of hell. One of the surprising ones was the questions related to what they called 'hazardous activities'. In the list of scuba diving, aviation (flying your own plane), rock climbing and other things was listed 'participation in motorsport'. If you ticked yes to that there was a whole breakout section where you had to list specifics - type, how often, etc. I ticked no because I don't actually do any motorsport (pockets not deep enough) but I asked about this and the agent told me that generally they will either refuse cover outright or might write in a set of exclusions if a claim is related to motorsport (i.e., bin it at the track, no income protection for you, die at the track, no cash for your heirs). I was wondering if anyone has come across this and what they found? I know quite a few people here participate in motor sport on a regular basis. I also wonder what professional drivers do for insurance given that a career-ending accident can also hamper their ability to earn money in their chosen and future careers. It's a little funny because of the only two people I know to make this type of claim, both have been cycling injuries. Yet there is no exclusion for riding your bike to work.
  4. I've saw these guys at a couple car events that I attended over the Easter break. Does anyone insure with them, or have you heard anything about them? Apparently they are a specialist division of East West Insurance Brokers and they are offering specialised insurance for classic and prestige vehicles as well as bikes and vintage caravans. Thanks Witho.
  5. Hello all, I've been a quiet lurker as of recent times and in the market for an used Cayman S. Some outstanding ones on the market have caught my eye but I just have a few questions... Before I get grilled about using the search function, yes I have scouted this forum - and I am active on other forums so I am aware of these common sense etiquettes... 1) How much do you pay for your insurance and with who? Ball park figure and if possible age/location area (doesn't have to be specific)/ and market or agreed value... I have a list of companies i.e. Lumleys (read they're exy now), Shannons, PFA, etc... but would be nice to get a broader idea of the $$$ I'd have to dish out... 2) Anyone know of any used car warranty services for porsches?? I have googled a few and attempted to get quotes but they don't cover Porsche... I'd be getting a PPI from Porsche but any other reliable places in NSW metro that can do the same? I'm from QLD and moving back to VIC or WA at the end of the year... I hope I can figure out how much extra I need to spend for these ongoing costs to meet my budget... Wanna get in on a Cayman ASAP! =) Thanks, Paul
  6. I'm sure this topic has probably been covered so apologies in advance. Insurance time for me prompted the usual responses but mostly I was angry about the market/agreed value they put on my car of $54500. I wish I could replace my car for that! No chance I thought and so began the usual process of checking out insurance companies for a new policy. Like anything else, you get what you pay for so I stayed well clear of youi etc (tried comparing them last year) so wanted to be sure that by cutting the prices they weren't cutting corners. And after calling around and culling down a big list I ended with 3. Shannon's insurance, Vero, and Lumley insurance through a Broker. All 3 offered similar value, agreed repairer, windscreen protection (with no excess) and most importantly of all to me was agreed value. I also tried Porsche insurance through Porsche Cars Australia and didn't get a phone call back after leaving 3 messages over 2 weeks. There would be no way I'd find the same car 1 owner, manual etc for $54500 so I wanted to at least be covered if the worst happened. The prices I was quoted were, $890 from Vero (with a $54500 agreed value), $1300 from Shannons with a higher agreed value of $70000 and $980 from Lumleys with the agreed value of $85000. All with the low Km's under 10000kms And so just to be sure I was keeping it real I paid for a valuation on my car by a reputable valuer of cars for insurance, the courts and Estate valuations his appraisal came in at $85k so I felt vindicated and wasn't aiming way too high. The end result was $980 through James Wallace from Wallace Risk Solutions the Broker I ended up going through was helpful, a good point of contact and a pleasure to deal with. He also emailed me today offering track insurance for one off track days for the forum if we are interested. NB : I'm not affiliated with or gain anything by suggesting James but just thought in the interest of good insurance and cover I wanted I'd pass on the story. What other options are we all using?

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