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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys Hope you're all well. I've been lurking on various Porsche forums around the world obsessing about my next purchase, i.e. my first Porsche. Long story short, my hair is greying and I'm approaching my mid-life crisis and so I've made a mid-engined weekend car my goal within 12 months. Would be nice to keep the budget under/around $130k and preferably get a Porsche Approved 981 Cayman S in manual (must have), Porsche Sport Exhaust (must have), Guards red with black 20" Carrera S rims and PASM (nice to have). Is this an extremely rare combo and only usually seen in the GTS (or PDK)? If the colour and rims combo came up without the PSE and PASM, I'd consider retrofitting the PSE via Porsche Tequipment. And I'd consider black but I've always owned black cars and would like a change. I've spreadsheeted almost every 981 Cayman, S and GTS on Carsales for the last 4 months, along with 981 Boxster S and a few base models. So far, there have been absolutely no Cayman S manuals (most are PDK around the $130k range), maybe a few base manual Caymans (maybe 3 or 4 Australia wide, with only 1 black manual with PSE and PASM at PCSS) and a few more Boxster S manuals. Could anyone please let me know roughly how many units were sold of the 981 Cayman S manual vs base manual vs PDK vs GTS between 2012-2016? I was not able to find any reliable stats. Did people compare the price of the S to the GTS and opt for the GTS instead? Would love a GTS but it would mean having to save up longer (most I've seen are over $170k) and it would be disapproved by the wife, whereas the Cayman S has been sort of "approved" but that's another story! I've driven a 981 Boxster PDK with no options (to see if the 2.7L would be 'adequate' - I suppose it was but got bored of the PDK), a 981 Boxster S manual with PSE (loved the gearbox and torque of the 3.4L and made me want the Cayman S) and finally a 718 Boxster PDK (brilliant car but the sound just reminded me of my previous WRX STi - both good and bad). I much prefer the look of the Cayman as I'm not really feeling the Boxster's side view with the rag top and wouldn't drive with the top down much, although it was loads of fun and a really pleasant experience. I guess at the moment my preference would be 981 Cayman S > 981 Cayman > 981 Boxster S / 718 Cayman, i.e. if I got sick of waiting for a 981 Cayman S or they just don't really exist in manual, I may just go for the base 981 Cayman or even a 981 Boxster S / 718 Cayman instead. Would welcome your thoughts and hope to be joining you guys in the drive days in the near future. Thanks in advance! P.S. Am I missing something here? This 981 Cayman GTS is "priced to sell" at $250k... https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Cayman-2016/SSE-AD-4292260/?Cr=5 15 Jan 2018 Update Courtesy of @MrMud, one of only 16 manual Cayman S owners in Australia, we now have the official statistics from Porsche Cars Australia! Here they are below. Thank you once again MrMud!!! 981 Cayman S Manuals 2014 11 manual 128 PDK TOTAL 139 2015 3 manual 38 PDK TOTAL 41 2016 2 manual 15 PDK TOTAL 17 TOTAL 16 manual 181 PDK TOTAL 197 Footnote: Before Christmas I was provided with stats for the 2013 S build as 5 manuals and 15 PDK. These 20 vehicles will be include in the numbers above (2014 total), but it helps readers cut the manuals from the above data. Source:
  2. Hi All, I’m looking to find a new home for my 2005 987 Boxster S. My partner and I are starting a family which is awesome but that means a two-seat sports car isn’t ideal anymore. Porsche Melbourne serviced it on 5th November and said it was one of the cleanest 987s they have seen, which makes sense given its service history and the fact it has only 49,500 kms. Black with an extended leather tan interior, I have swapped out the original head unit for a nicely integrated Alpine Apple CarPlay system (I still have the original unit if you want it). It really is a beautiful example of a Manual Boxster S, so let me know if you would like to take a look. I’ve listed it for $41,990 and I’m located in Brunswick, Melbourne. Cheers, Scott
  3. Hi All! My name is Simon and I've had my 981 Cayman S for about a month now, I'm definitely loving my first Porsche so thought I'd introduce myself to the community I feel very lucky to have managed to get my hands on a manual example as I spent quite a while reading through the entire "How many manual 981s were delivered in Australia" thread here to which I learnt that there were only 16 delivered new! (stats stolen from the aforementioned thread) 981 Cayman S Manuals 2014 11 manual 128 PDK TOTAL 139 2015 3 manual 38 PDK TOTAL 41 2016 2 manual 15 PDK TOTAL 17 TOTAL 16 manual 181 PDK TOTAL 197 While I wasn't expecting to buy my car so soon, a Platinum Silver manual suddenly popped up on Carsales and even though the car was in NSW and I was in VIC, I knew I had to have it. Fast forward a few days and later and I was in Sydney picking the car up and preparing for the drive back to Melbourne! Definitely a memorable experience. I'm looking forward to learning more about the car and am enjoying every drive I get to do in it, here are some pics I took the other day with my friend in his Agate Grey 981: For the gurus out there, can anyone tell me what rims I have on the car? I can see that they weren't a standard Cayman option, I've found a few pictures of these wheels online but not much information which is making me question whether they are actually Porsche wheels or not! Looking forward to seeing some fellow Porsche drivers out on the roads! Simon
  4. From 2010 there are no manual Cayman S on carsales.... Why is that? Whats the story?
  5. In perfect condition, no oil dropping at all. Picture say more than words. Asking 150k. Carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1993/SSE-AD-5040578/?Cr=16 New picture will live on Monday but you can find at instagram now. Instagram:
  6. I was looking at car sales and noticed that there were no 997.2 manuals! Not one! Nothing at all... I heard not many were made but I was very surprised! I am actually selling mine to fuel my air cooled passion so I can add another oldie to the collection (diclosure; so you will see mine if you look). BUT... when I was on carsales they have a tool and you can check what similar cars have sold and that said only 1 997.2 manual had sold in the last -12 months... I was astounded! Does anybody know the stats? Very keen to know
  7. I received a Xmas gift that was not quite the right one for me... as my car is an 1987 chassis with a 1994 engine. If you're local (bayside brighton area in melb)... feel free to come and pickup or if prepared to pay postage, I can send to you. Its un-opened so cant comment on its content, level of detail, how techie or non-techie it describes stuff, etc...but they're on ebay for $30-$40. Here's one for nicks or for the price of postage or just a drive to briiighton, darlings!! Here it is: - for 911s upto 1985 And the back cover if you're interested:
  8. SOLD 1992 964 C2 Manual For Sale - (Pics below) Ok, time to share the 964 love. I’ve decided to sell one of our 964’s and it will be the C2. I looked for this one for quite a while and finally found it off market last year. Was purchased as a potential base for a lightly modded project. However being realistic it’s too good to modify, plus my project has taken another turn. Details: 1992 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 25 Spd ManualAustralian delivered to Porsche Hobart (Performance Automobiles) on 8 October 1992Spent most of its life in Melbourne before making its way to SydneyRed on Black - Guards Red with Black Leather Interior130,000kmFull Service History by Porsche Melbourne and Porsche Specialists Wevo engine mounts (black pillows)Genuine Cup 1 WheelsAdjustable Koni ShocksMichelin Pilot Sport 3 Tyres plus a second set of Continental Contisport Contact 3s availableSunroof (so not the ultimate unicorn)Rear wiperAuto watch immobiliser professionally installedContinental mechless head unit with phone and bluetoothWindscreen radio antenna with no secondary antenna mounted to bodyworkNumber plates (TYP 964) also available separately
  9. Hi All, Since moving house last year, priorities have changed for me and I don't see myself finishing the project I've started with my 928. The car is an 81S with the 5 Speed manual, which I have been restoring on and off for the last two years. It's a runner, however I have the instrument cluster out right now (to replace the odometer cog). Photos of the car can be seen on the following web album: https://picasaweb.google.com/102285921942139867246/Porsche92802?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCPH9xvyW1tXT1gE&feat=directlink To finish it off, I was planning on the following: - Bit more panel work then paint - Interior tidy up (Have replacement switches and other bits and pieces already) - Mechanical touch up (Already have most of the bits, vacuum/oil lines, brake pads, etc.) The car is located on the north side of Brisbane, if anyone is interested let me know and I'll forward on my details. As I'd prefer for it to go to a forum member rather than to ebay or for parts. Looking for around $6k for the lot. Regards, Jeff

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