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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Just had a quick look through the forum for advice on who people have used to vinyl wrap their Porsche in Melbourne. Some older conversations and recommendations in there but just wondering if anyone has a more current recommendation. If it helps, I'm going beyond just a standard wrap to something more intricate (design provided by skepple in the USA), probably most akin to a race car livery. Be interested if anyone can help me out with someone they've used with a great outcome. Cheers! Dave
  2. Hi there, I'm a long time Porsche fan getting married in February. The closest thing I've ever had to owning one is the model car collection on my shelf... I'd really love to hire a 911 (older the better) or Boxster for 3 days in February to go out to Castlemaine (February 12th -14th). I generally use GoGet and pay for cars by the hour, and thought that it would be possible for a dream car too. I'm a 28 year old professional, not looking to drive hard, or do anything silly - just to drive a dream car on a dream day. If you're interested in making $600+ over a weekend (and help a fellow Porsche fan out), please get in touch. I'm happy to work with you to talk over details etc. Cheers, Justin justin.g.watts [at] gmail.com
  3. I have been dreaming to own a Porsche for a very long time and I'm now finally financially able to purchase a second-hand 986 Boxster. I'll appreciate some advice from the experienced members from this forum. 1) Where is a good place in victoria for a prosche specific pre purchase inspection? Or is a generic one from RACV good enough? How much should I expect to pay for that? 2) Would you recommend getting the IMS bearing changed as a prophylactic measure? And how much does it normally cost and where will be a good place to get it done? 3) I'm just weary of the potential costs of repair for a Boxster if anything goes wrong and was wondering if any one here had picked up a 3rd party warranty and had good experience with it? I've been reading that many 3rd party warranties are almost as good as scams. Thanks in advance!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/events/1762636110652070/ Bring your Porsche to Brighton - Join RSR Garage for a coffee Sunday the 21st August at the North Road Brighton carpark. First 50 Coffees from North Point coffee free see Rob Raymer for voucher (on the day) 7 - 9am http://northpointcafe.com.au/
  5. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and am the proud owner of an ex-Australian RHD 914 (1972) - it won the Porsche Club GB regional concours last month - see "Best in Show" photo. I am interested in the history of this car and more generally in the history of RHD conversions of 914s in Australia. My car was originally purchased in the US (traces of the US side repeaters can be seen within the front wings), it was originally Adriatic Blue but by the time it left Australia in 2009 (sold by Lorbek Luxury Cars of Port Melbourne) was its current "pearlescent purple" colour. The Australian reg. no was IXXI69 - indeed it still bears its last Australian tax sticker. The chassis/VIN is 4722916129. The RHD conversion is of a very high standard - unitary dash and sill-inset handbrake - I suspect done using either a kit shipped from Crayford in England or using the Crayford tooling after it was sold off by Crayford. I am the second UK owner of the car, having bought it in 2012. Photos include the dask/handbrake and also the car enjoying the Northern Ireland "spring" last year - conditions it probably never faced back in Oz!
  6. Hey! My 993 is due for a service (it's first since I've owned it) and there are no specialist garage's in Albury. I'm heading to Phillip Island in a few weeks so I thought I might stop by on the Eastern side of Melbourne and get it serviced. I'm after someone affordable (I know) and flexible as I'm travelling. Bonus points it they are near something interesting as I'll have a few hours to kill! Any ideas? Thanks all!
  7. Orlando

    [NSW] 2016 Canberra Run

    Go on a trip to Canberra, taking in the lovely sights and sounds (of engines...) and catch up with the VIC and ACT crews for a few days. Please see the full thread for prices, location, rule, etc.: http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/7160-nsw-canberra-run-2016/
  8. Dear PFA Members, Extending an invite for fellow PFA folks to join us in RWB's first car in Australia. We have invited Akira Nakai of RWB Japan to build the first car here in Australia. Firming up the dates as we go, it should happen on 29th July to 1st August. Not knowing whether you have seen the internet videos circulating around, Nakai-san transforms these cars without a pen and paper and in a short amount of time. There is also a cult following in these cars around the world. It's getting really exciting and we sincerely hope you could make it for the build, especially on the first and the last day when the car gets fitted and completed. We will be throwing a small party for Nakai-san on the final day (1st August, 1pm) to thank Nakai and everyone involved in building the first car. Looking forward to see you there! Chern Website: http://www.rwb-australia.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RWBaustralia/ Instagram: @rwb_australia RSVP to chern911@gmail.com
  9. As always, A Current Affair offering cutting edge coverage; http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article/8972458/high-speed-drifter-putting-lives-at-risk Social media is now taking over! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1571692319751728&set=p.1571692319751728&type=1&theater Kids these days................
  10. Having waited nearly four weeks for the completion of repairs to my new purchase the Healey Factory have indicated that this Wednesday might be the day. Very exciting, and not wanting to wait another week for a transporter I was thinking of flying down to Melbourne and driving back to Sydney. Has anyone done this and has any advice/suggestions?
  11. Still reasonably new here and just looking to replace the whaletail on my '84 3.2 Carrera with a normal deck lid. Anyone know of where I could source this? On the flip side - I'll be looking to sell a nice whaletail! thanks for your guidance
  12. Hey all, can anyone recommend a dyno company in Melbourne? I need the beast tuned. Car is a 3ltr turbo EFI with Haltech management system if that makes any difference. Any recommendations good or bad Thanks in advance Peter

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