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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all at PFA, I have put a post in the trade section, but why not here as well? We are a UK based Porsche Classic Parts distributor and have been shipping Classic VW parts to Australia for some time now. 3 years ago we made the decision to stock Classic Porsche parts as well. That has been very well received in the UK and with our European partners and now we have taken the decision to get more involved with the Australian Porsche culture. I have been on the forum, in the background for a little while now and now i'm pleased to say we are a Trade partner of PFA. Shipping is fast, outside of the current situation items take 3-5 working days and even now we are seeing items delivered in under 7 days in most instances. But, please expect a little longer so as not to disappoint (but we do aim to please). Here is a link to our website, Heritage Parts it is in AUS$ and it is a fixed conversion rate as well. We are also stockists of Vintage Speed items, STP Sound Deadening, Dansk, and OEM Suppliers (This is designated by a German flag in the top corner of the picture), and this will be expanded over the coming months even more. There is a quality rating on the lower right of the website page so you can see the product quality before you buy as well. But, importantly we are Porsche and VW enthusiasts, and most of us have our own projects as well and we hold regular meets in the summer months (may be a bit far for some of you to go) on the first Thursday of every month (when we are able to, these will start again) here is a link to our YouTube Chanel and one of the meets, it's a similar vibe to Hanger Banger. Anyway, i'll (we) will be on here to try and help with builds, so if you have any questions about parts and availability feel free to send us a message (Trade or Retail, we cover both).
  2. Hello. I’m working on a 2000 Boxster S, Tiptronic, 3.2lt, with 155500 km, which is being heavily modified. As such I’m parting out a lot of its original 'S' components out for anyone that has an 'S', or wants to upgrade their base Boxster to S spec. Available is the Motor (3.2lt), Tiptronic Gearbox, Wheels, Suspension (inc the rear S hubs that fit the larger brakes via 130mm bolt spacing), the full Brake setup- S calipers, rotors, Master cylinder and ABS unit, Most of the interior (Blue Leather version) - seats, dashboard, door linings, lavender carpet. The whole wiring loom (*minus the ASB sensor plugs), ’S” exhaust muffler. and the Headlights (early Gen, fried eggs, and Tail Lights). & many assorted loose trim items Im also sorting through a large number of 997 odd parts, so bear with me as i compile that list : for now i know i have a 997 C4S Dual Mass Flywheel & Clutch, and the 997 C4S mufflers. more to come soon Disclosure: I have bought this car from Pickles 18 months ago with the intention of using it as a base for a sort of hot rod project. It has clean panels and a good looking interior, but someone in its history felt the need to boy racer tinker cosmetically with it- as its engine manifold has been painted Maroon/Gold, and the Wheels have had Black added to them quite poorly (overspray visible on the calipers etc) I have driven it briefly in which time i can confirm that the motor starts smooth, runs without smoke, no rattles and has good power. Given its a tiptronic I’m not sure if any previous owner has pulled the gearbox off to do an IMS replacement as it has no clutch to need servicing. (I have a video of its startup and exhaust/running if requested. I have not done a formal leak down test as i do not have such equipment on hand). During driving there is a rumble from a rear corner, which sounds like a worn wheel bearing or CV joint, and as it had locknuts on the wheels, likely no-one has been able to take these off & service the noise recently. Inspection underneath shows a smear of CV grease, so my current assumption is a CV boot has failed and been replaced prior to those lock-nuts, but i would also assume it would be best to replace both rear wheel bearings to get the most benefit of the 'S' Hubs & larger brakes. Later i will also have available the bumpers, wings/fenders, and bonnet. and the convertible top. Further details: -Wheels: 18 inch, turbo twist style. No curbing to the metal, but low quality over-paintwork, so I would advice media blasting and powder coating if your wanting to restore them, but otherwise very suitable for Track Days: Front: 7.5 x 18” ET50 - 225 / 40 / R18 Rear: 9 x 18” ET52 - 285 / 35 / R18 -Tyres; Yokohama S-drive Half worn, aged $1500 for the set -Brakes inc Rotors 130mm caliper mounting bolt spacing throughout 996 351 425 11 996 351 426 11 996 352 421 13 996 352 422 13 Rotors; 318mm 28mm (Measuring 27.9mm) & 298MM 24mm (Measuring 23.14mm) #same as Boxster/Cayman S models all the way through to 2012 $1200 -Master cylinder $200 -ABS controller $200 -Shocks/CoilOvers x4 ; prefer to sell as pairs; $200 per axle -Suspension subframe -front $100 -rear sides x2 $200 pair -crossmember $100 -diagonal brace bars $50 -Hubs (“S”) Front versions are same on all 986 Boxster Rears are S version: 986 331 157 20, with Bolt spacing for the S calipers $200 each corner inc LCA (lower control arm/ coffin box) -Drive Shafts $100 for the pair (probably best as parts/need a full rebuild of CV internals) -Sway Bars $100 each -Engine (3.2L) S model. [$5500 inc gearbox, $4500 without] -GearBox. TipTronic $1500) -*full Car Loom/Harness + the whole dashboard; Blue Leather style $500 -Center Exhaust. $300 -Manifolds & Catalytic converters $300 -Muffler bracket -Leather (Blue) Seats $600 -Door Liners (Blue) $100 each -Center Console $100 -Tiptronic shifter $100 -window mechanisms and motors *$150 each -Door Harness/loom $75 each -Carpet ‘lavender’ colour. $200 -HeadLights (egg style) $750 pair -Tail Lights $300 pair -996/986 Door Airbags $50 each + lots of odd trim parts, send me a message of what your needing loganmarriott@gmail.com 04 1656 8037
  3. In a similar vein to the CARS for sale and Interesting, I thought I would start a thread on PARTS for sale and interesting. If what the seller says is true, this set of 15" x 7" Fuchs look good for the short bumper owner who wants a more wider/aggressive stance. Not period correct, but already painted in the 901 style. Auction currently at $600 for the set, which doesn't seem too bad a price to me. [Edit: I have no affiliation with the seller or this auction.] http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-911-FUCHS-Forged-Alloy-Wheels-/261504297921?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ce2deebc1&_uhb=1
  4. Prices are pickup Brisbane northside but freight can be arranged at your cost through Australia Post (I no longer have access to a trade freight account) I will update this thread as I go through the items I have for sale, if it's listed here I still have it. Send me a PM to express an interest in any of these items and arrange purchase. Below books are fairly thick and in German/English/Spanish and include parts listings and exploded diagrams. click on the hyperlink for an image of the cover (and condition, some of them have texta writing on the binder of what years they cover) $85 - 356B Supplement to Spare Parts Catalogue (printed 1960) $85 - 911 & 911S Spare Parts Catalogue 1965-1968 Gr. 1-RS (printed 1964) $85 - 911 & 911S Spare Parts Catalogue Gr. 1-7 (printed 1964) $85 - 911 & 911S Spare Parts Catalogue Gr. 8-RS (printed 1964) $40 - List of new Porsche Spare Part Numbers (printed 1964) $25 - Porsche Cayenne (955) Sales Brochure $25 - Porsche 911 (996) Brochure $25 - Porsche 911 (996) Brochure $10 - Porsche Design Drivers Selection Brochure $10 - Porsche Exclusive Brochure $60 - Pair of 955 V8 Cayenne Air Flow Meters (they still work fine, replaced them and it turned out being something else :/) $10 - Genuine Porsche Left Rear Air Duct 997.504.603.00 (lower item in picture) $10 - Genuine Porsche Rubber Carpet Lip 996.504.893.00 (upper item in picture) $85 - New Genuine Porsche 996 2002-2005 C4S Lower Lip Spoiler 996.505.555.02 $75 - Pair 986 Front Lights with Orange indicator lenses (some yellowing) $150 - Pair 986 Front Lights with Orange indicator lenses (not as yellow as the above ones) $60 - 944 Wiper Motor and Mechanism $250 - 964 Carrera 4 Front Diff (Jesus H Christ it is heavy - I know where the extra weight is in these cars) $350 - 993 Carrera 4 Front Diff (Marked 964 but the early 993 Carrera 4 diffs were, a lot lighter and smaller!) $100 - 986/996 Driver Side Door White some scratches (check out the picture) a small ding in front of the door handle but would pull out easy, includes most wiring, handle, and foam insert but no door cards $80 - Turbo Twist wheel 'Cup 3' - rear pic $40 - Cup 2 wheel hairline crack in the back of one of the spokes - rear pic $15ea - 924 Headgasket (4 left) $250 - Genuine Porsche Spoiler Rubber (no rusty bolts) with Porsche crest - top side pic $35ea - Brake Calipers - assorted sizes/types (the 90mm assembled pair is sold) $60 - Brake Calipers - disassembled pair, cleaned up and ready for reassembly (may require some parts) $150ea - 996 Mufflers - looks like stainless to me, and I assume by the part number is from a 996 $150ea - 996 Catalytic Converters - again. looks like stainless. I can't find a part number but think they are 996 cats to go with the above (I have the exhaust mount too which if buying the above in a lot I'll throw in and do for $500 total) $40 - 944 Blower motor $20 - NEW LX792 Mahle Air Filter to suit 955 Cayenne (and V6, V8 needs 2) $5 - NEW Tridon TRB002 Rear Wiper Blade fits VW Toureg (not Cayenne :() $125 - NEW 986 Boxster Manual Shift Cable 986 424 04 208 $20 - 944 cooling fan and shroud - 944 106 141 02 $80 - Differential - I think it's from a 968 $85 - KW 710 1102 L Shock (I think for a rear axle of a 996) $650 set - KW 710 1002 R & KW 710 1002 L (Front axle) and DMS 996-4 R & L 50SA 040407 (I think rear axle) for a 996 $60 - 944 Rear Seat back and base in blue with Porsche script $20ea - 911 Electric Window Motor (I have 3) $30 - 996 Side Clear Indicator 996 631 044 03 $140 - NEW Gemballa 996 Springs Front & Rear Set $140 - NEW Gemballa 986 Springs Front & Rear Set $10 - 944 Centre Brake Light $85 - Boxster 986 Tail Light 986 631 442 03 $5 - 944 Carpet moulding with Boston Acoustics speaker $100 - 944 Turbo Oil Cooler $80 - Oil Cooler $90ea - 964 Mufflers $40 - NEW 924 Lower Control arm $5 - Handbrake Boot slight tear under where handbrake slides through $25ea - 911 Rocker Trim Rubber NOS 930 559 103 01 (I have two of these) $70ea - 911 Coupe Fixed Quarter Glass LEFT Seal NOS 911 543 035 01 (I have two of these) $70 - 911 Coupe Fixed Quarter Glass RIGHT Seal NOS 911 543 036 01 $120 - 944/968/928 Indicator/Cruise Control/Washer Stalk it looks brand new $10 - Original VW Radio CD 310 5M0 035 186 J I think out of a Mk5/6 Jetta $100 - 911 Headlight with trim ring, missing bulb retainer rear pic $150 - 944S2/Turbo Turn Signals Amber pair $15 - 944 ECU Cover/Floor Board $125 - 996/997 Shift Lever Assembly (stock) $100 - Torsion Bars I think the smaller ones are 19mm $150 - 997 Headlight looks in good condition, not sure if working but looks fine on the inside $150 - 955 Cayenne Drivers Side Headlight some wires in the back are losing their insulation but can be repaired $10 - 996 Wheel Spacer $50 - 924/944 Alternator might need some bearings as it doesn't feel great - suit rebuild P/N #0 120 469 559 and includes some wiring harness $35 - 911 Throttle Body $35 - 911 Throttle Body $10 - 911 Intake Boot suit 74-74 CIS $50 - 993 Heat Control Box P/N #993 572 087 01 $10 - 911/930 Oil Line and Bracket bracket is P/N #930 207 356 05 $50 - 993 Passenger Interior Door Arm & Handle blue, a few marks and a bit dusty $25 - Two 911 Headlight Switches can probably make 1 good one out of these two, they have the usual high-beam contact issue $65 - 911 Engine Bay Fuse/Regulator Holder $40 - 911 Engine Bay Fuse/Regulator Holder $40 - 911 Heater Control Panel I think these are LHD $40 - 911 Heater Control Panel I think these are LHD $30 - Valeo A36251159X Blower Motor I think it's out of a Boxster or Cayenne $30 pair - Dashboard Heater/AC Vent Tubing I think for G body 911's $15 - Dashboard Vent Heater/AC I think from a 944 $40 - Porsche 911 Heater Flapper Box not sure which side it is $40ea - 911 Behind Dash Heater Box
  5. Parts are in Melbourne: 235/40ZR18 Sumitomo HTRZ III tyres x 4 can sell in pairs. plenty of tread. $100 each Genuine Factory Painted Yellow Centre Console as new 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray. The ashtray alone costs a few $$ and is rarely included. Great to brighten an otherwise rather dark interior purchased from PCM. Has all the right cutouts etc as opposed to ones from USA. $800 Standard Black Centre Console used 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster with matching ashtray off 997 TT SOLD Used hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, good condition off a 997 TT $300 Brand new hand brake 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster Black leather, new condition purchased from PCM. Standard leather.$500 Used Porsche Double DIN radio for 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Porsche may need to code for your car. 2 Available $300 Used 986 S exhaust for 986 Boxster. Muffler assembly with tips only. Pipes were cut pre muffler by exhaust shop. $300 Boxster door sill covers. One used great condition, one new with plastic over metal part. Sold as pair. $200 Pair of used leather sports seats from 997S. These will suit a fair few Porsches including 997.1 997.2 987.1 987.2 911 Cayman Boxster. Includes side airbags. Great condition. Electric adjustable back with manual lift. $1900 SOLD Used Cayman 17" Genuine Porsche wheels with continental contact sport tyres $900 Used 997.1 steering wheel for use with circular airbag. No tears or marks. $300 Used Alcantara GT3 steering wheel from 997.2 GT3 with circular airbag $700 SOLD Also have this: Audi TTRS exhaust system from APR $2000 http://goapr.com.au/products/apr_exhaust_cast_downpipe_25tfsi-au.html Website says will also suit Audi RS3 Steve
  6. Used Porsche 911 997.2 GT3 Steering Wheel Alcantara wheel with a silver/grey 3 spoke cover All plugs, springs, wiring intact. Removed from an Australian delivered car for a different steering wheel. Few minute swap. P/N 997.347.804.95 A15 Picture here: https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/2010GT3ALC2.html $850
  7. What website do you guys use to get your parts? I want to hear all the good and bad experiences. Lay it on me! My buddy suggested Vertexauto.com and aporscheapart.com. Anyone have any experience with either of these?
  8. Hi for Sale following Cab Glass and frames left and right side complete as you see in the pic top ocndition no rust no scratches on glass, security etched, Price drop $150 the lot buyer orgasnises freight photo looks like they are different sizes but theyre not,
  9. Hi Anyone know who sells reproduction / fiberglass bumpers for backdate in Australia looking to do a backdate on my 86 carrera while in paint shop Looking to do something like in picture thx
  10. My wife recently purchased a 1978 924 coupe and we are planning on a gradual restoration. Our "new" car needs a steering arm, or steering shaft. Am hoping we might find something in Australia without the need and frustration of looking overseas. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Tell.
  11. Hi all, Anyone have any that they would like to sell or does anyone know where I can find some? Headlight Washers for late 70s 911 (snorkel style). I have a Carrera 3.0 targa 1977 but they were on the turbos and some others also. Thanks in advance for your help. I've looked with no luck yet. Cheers
  12. Hi Porsche Owners ! I have a 993 series Porsche, however it has a fair bit of work to do in order to get it on the road and looking good, and I've been looking for wrecked 'donor' 911's and I have seemed to come across a large number of 996's hence why I just wanted to ask if parts off a 996 will fit on my 993, whether that be the interior, engine, bodywork and subframe/chassis ? If anyone has any input into this it would be much appreciated as I don't want to put my money behind something that won't even fit my car. Cheers !

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