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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, As some of you may know, a few months ago I bought myself a very tired, neglected, '74 911. It had been sitting outside for 10 years so it has a few little rust issues etc, but being converted US delivered, factory non sunroof car, I thought it would be the perfect donor for my Hot Rod project car. My idea is to build the car I like, which is basically the look of a '73 RSR, but with an interior more like a Singer. I want the car to be something that is fun and reasonably comfortable to take on an SMT, but also something I can take on track days and hopefully Classic Adelaide in The near future. I'm not certain on what I am doing with the engine yet. Currently it has a 2.7 which has pulled head studs. My initial plan is to rebuild that engine and get the car on the road (as I have never driven it), but I will be looking at some form of upgrade in the future. I am not looking for all out speed, as I have always been a fan of driving a slower car to its limits, as opposed to just making the car faster and faster in a straight line. The plan with this car is that I will be doing every part of the build myself, and I thought instead of just taking a few pictures of the build as I go, it would be good to film the entire thing as I go, so for those who are interested they can watch my actual progress. So I have a disclaimer to start that I am not a professional presenter (or car builder for that matter), so you can't expect too much, but hopefully it should be interesting. Quick stop after meeting the seller half way in Albury. Getting ready to unload after getting home. Some of the rust patches i found under the very thick, flaky, bog. The very tired 2.7
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1762636110652070/ Bring your Porsche to Brighton - Join RSR Garage for a coffee Sunday the 21st August at the North Road Brighton carpark. First 50 Coffees from North Point coffee free see Rob Raymer for voucher (on the day) 7 - 9am http://northpointcafe.com.au/
  3. Fibreglass panels in excellent condition to suit long bonnet 911- Front wide guards L&R $1,000 Still Available SOLD Long nose bonnet $800 (has stone chips from racing) SOLD RSR Front bumper $550 SOLD RSR Rear bumper $550 SOLD RSR Duck tail $1,200 (Inc grille) SOLD Located in Adelaide PM or call 0412 819 998 Cheers Emanuel
  4. Hi folks, I had been going down the path to back date my 74 but have now decided to change tack and keep it in its original general body shape to avoid having to butcher the car. As a result I have for sale a set of 2.8 RSR/ST style front guards which I'd like to move on so I can fund some short nose guards to replace them. These are, I believe, fairly rare. They are original steel long nose guards with fibreglass extensions. They look to have been originally glassed back in the early 70's (I'm guessing), based on both the condition of the glass, the repairs required, as well as the profile of the guard itself. As can be seen in the photos they appear to follow the original RSR profile (as typical as it could be) which has a flatter top side profile with almost an upward kick as well as having less flare where the end of the guards meet where the front chin spoiler would finish. This contrasts against the turbo style which is more rounded and flares out to accommodate a wider front spoiler. When I first got these the glass was delaminating around where they attached to the steel of the guards, indicating rust underneath. After having them sit in the shed the last few years I had these repaired just recently to make them good, which involved grinding back the delaminating glass (about a 3 inch strip), grinding out the rust that was found underneath and then applying rust converter, sealing them and then repairing the glass where it joined the steel of the guard. As much of the original fibreglass was left intact, including the main profile of the extensions. The guards were then reinforced on the back and sealed, and the outsides primed in a light grey 2-pack primer. Overall these guards should now be in good condition. There was some rust damage underneath them in areas such as the base of the fuel filler which has been made as good as possible, however these are not concourse and would require a bit more metal work to get them there. I've taken the path of trying to make them good whilst maintaining as much of their originality as possible. I don't have any specific history of these guards (they were literally a barn find) however it's quite likely they were used in competition in the 70's. If you have turbo rear guards these probably won't suit, as the profile of the guards between the RSR is different (turbo being more rounded). If you need original profile guards to suit ST/RSR style rear guards then these will be something fairly desirable I'd say. I'd recommend these to be fitted and checked for any tweaking required before painting. Chasing $2,750 for the pair, which is I think a fair price given their rarity and allowing for their condition. Would also look at a potential trade scenario for a set of turbo style guards in steel. Inspection welcome (and encouraged) in the south east of Melbourne (Beaumaris). For reference, here are a couple of pics of the difference in side profile between the 930 (which has the rounder, more consistent profile) and the more flat shape of the earlier RSR and ST profiles. I've found it hard to find any exact specs on the early profile, as it appears they were effectively beaten by hand originally by the factory and so the replications of these have similarly followed suit in being less than 100% consistent. However the difference from the later turbo guards is fairly evident. 930: RSR:
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC5-MoDUuRg Here is another channel I've fallen in love with... this episode features a 911 track car.... Lots of great cars in this channel.... Sorry if it's been posted before...
  6. I stumbled upon this supplier of light weight 911 panels and parts. They look like good quality gear. There's everything from body panels to windows even repro rear light housings (of which originals in good condition are near impossible to find) Has anyone here tried these products? http://www.eb-motorsport.co.uk/products.asp?type=14&sub=18
  7. Champion Motorsport 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo RSR "...This car rocketed from rest to 30 mph in 1.0 second, a C/D record for street-legal machinery. In fact, that’s 0.1 second quicker than a 1001-hp Bugatti Veyron..." "...The brakes are so phenomenal that your body is briefly suspended in the belts...It takes only 2.7 seconds and considerably less than half the length of a football field to accomplish 60 mph. That’s 0.2 second quicker than the593-hp McLaren MP4-12C and 0.6 quicker than a 620-hp 911 GT2 RS." http://www.caranddri...-specialty-file "Please Santa..."

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