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Found 11 results

  1. So, my interior is black, I mean pretty much everything.... Awhile back, I added some red belts to add some colour. Made an improvement. But still need more I feel. Decided to investigate getting some seat colour... I mean how many singer interior pics can you look at without doing something about it!! Man is not a camel, right? Been checking out the tartan and houndstooth look. The houndstooth is so classic and stylish, like it heaps. Very tempted. So 911R.... But for my car being all black in and out, I want more colour... more bling to lighten it up a bit. So, leaning towards the tartan. The search continued... Ive updated my exterior decals to red (was orange... was not a fan of the orange), so with my black car, I'm looking for a red/black tartan. Its been a challenge as so many tartans are loaded with blues, greens or yellows... and I didnt want the base colour white as it would be too bright for me. its been hard finding one without those other colours and with the right proportion of red, black & white. Then there's the fabric... light, heavy, pure wool or synthetic, etc... Hmmm, its hard finding out stuff. Here's my original interior, pre-red belts. A bit dull/drab, eh? I've now weened my selection down to a few: Coming in at 4th: In 3rd place: And in 2nd place... and almost got pole position: Sorry, about the lousy pic quality above. But... sitting up in 1st place... the winning entry is (drum roll pls): I got a sample of this winning entry shipped to me to be sure it looks the same as the web pic. Hello!! 20pounds postage thanks! Over $40 AUS to touch it. Ouch! Anyway, a few emails later, this only comes in a lightweight pure wool (10oz) fabric ... which is not ideal but in checking with my upholsterer he's ok with its hardiness. After all, the car is not a DD so it wont get sat in every day. Polyviscose or a heavier wool (13oz, 16oz) is better I'm told. I need about 2m in length. I'm going to replace just the centre corduroy inserts. The black sides will remain. For the head rests I'm thinking of not doing them in red tartan but just replace the corduroy with a like for like black vinyl as the sides (bolsters) are. So, the head rest will just be plain vinyl black. Booked in for early next year.. pics and update hopefully by end of Jan 2019. I'm excited.
  2. I used to go Gary Blackman in Richmond but he closed shop a few months ago.... Where would I go for reapholstering seats? Thinking of getting my cloth centres recovered. Also, where can you buy black vinyl? For re-doing RS door cards. Is it all the same shade of black? Are there different qualities, special RS door ones...? suggestions or recommendations welcome, thanks...
  3. Hey Lads, Now that the restoration and new build of the 930_outlaw has begun I will be putting up some parts that I no longer need / Suit my restoration. First up... My Recaro's , pretty sure these are SR3's ... there are a few models that look similar. Awesome seat, super comfy and hug great. Ive added some pics of them in my car. The shoulder wings just miss each other when mounted. Condition.... not new but super clean. No rips or tears, No real signs of wear or discolouration. Not 100% on if its leather or vinyl... it feels and looks like leather but don't hold me to it. they work as they should. Centres are perforated and embroided. Come with sliding rails. You may need to adjust your factory rail mounts to make these fit. My seat mounts had been adjusted when I got the car. $1250 . Pick up Melbourne. Message me if you need them shipped and I can get them on a small pallet for you. Cheers Ryan. IMG_6244 by ryan bishop, on Flickr IMG_4048 by ryan bishop, on Flickr IMG_5347 by ryan bishop, on Flickr IMG_5350 by ryan bishop, on Flickr IMG_5351 by ryan bishop, on Flickr
  4. Due to the ever evolving progression of my 3.0L, I've decided to move on my current set of front seats that are a BF Torino 'Rallye ST' in 'Black' leatherette/basketweave (#B72). They are based on the 70's period competition seats and are a great balance of retro look with the increased support and functionality of a more modern racing bucket. They are also compatible with a 4, 5 & 6 point harness and have a fixed back. The BF Torino product is high quality and whilst the seats have been in my car for a year or so the car has had little use and the seats remain in as new condition. These come out of Italy and I had to wait several months for them to arrive but in saying that they were worth the wait and I've been completely happy with them. I'm only looking to alter the seats due to an increased requirement for a more competition focused seat and thought I'd offer them for sale on here in case they were of interest to anyone. Included in the sale would be 2 x sets of adapters compatible with the 911 seat mounts. Depending on the car in most cases you can re-use the current seat sliders if you want them to be adjustable (back/forwards) Asking price is $2500.00 for the pair. Pick up is in Frankston South Vic or postage can be arranged at the buyers expense. Happy to answer any questions via PM. Cheers, Hugh. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6p7ol94vaw7k36/download (5).jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ay6r91jqq8rrzp/download (8).jpg?dl=0
  5. Sports seats from a 986 Boxster, seats have manual forward and backward and electronic adjustment for the rake. Not being fully electric makes these seats lighter than the fully electric seats. Seats will fit into a 986 Boxster and 996. Seats are fully leather, they are in good condition, leather has normal creases from usage but there are no bare patches or places where the leather is thin. The Increased bolster on these seats means they grip your body better than the standard seats through the corners, but by no means are they uncomfortable for long distance trips. Price is $1,200 and seats are located in Canberra. If you would like to know anything more please message me.
  6. Im currently in two mind about swapping out my factory 1974 911 seats with some that offer a bit more support around the edges. Thought it would be a good opportunity to see what others have in their car? So please list the following: Car: (Model and Year) Seat: (Including Brand and Model) Rails: (Used to fix the seats to the car) Difficulty of Install: (1 being as easy as putting your seat belt on, 10 being as difficult as getting into the back of a 911 with fixed backs while being pregnant) Feedback: (For example: Comparison of feel to previous seats, quality, degrading over time)
  7. I have priced everything below whats on eBay. 911 3.2 front brake callipers and pads $250 Rear seats beige leather $250
  8. 997 GT3 RSS x-pipe centre exhaust - great sound replaces the centre muffler - reduce weight and much better sound will throw in k&n filter and cold air setup. * price drop * asking $1500 997 GT3 rear carpet in black - as new - $150 997 rear seats - backrest and lower pad only - in black leather - $150
  9. Will be pulling these out of the car this week. A pair of black 8 way electric seats in perfect working condition to suit 911 964, complete with runners and the wiring loom that traces to the fuse box. The passenger seat is in perfect condition, the drivers seat has worn through in the right bolster. Price 650.. PM me for pics.
  10. Wanted to offer these up here before i hit the fleabay/gumtree button. I have a set of working 944 fr seats from an 1987 Celebration model for sale. The original trim needed replacing on drivers seat so i had intended on recovering them in full leather Grey/Black covers as shown but ended up going down another path. Drivers side electric, passenger side standard. Electrics were working when removed from car. Please note seat runners do not come with seats (at this point) To check overall condition more photos are available here, http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/dmaca2/slideshow/Pfa/944%20Parts Thanks for looking and please PM if interested or for further info....
  11. Guys, May be old news, however, I recently purchased a set of Honda Civic type R (EP3) seats. An initial check tonight indicates that the original seat mounts may bolt up with just an additional hole being added at the rear of the slides to match the new seats mounting (405mm x 300 vs 405 x 315 approx). There maybe a need for some spacers to ensure the seat pan clears the floor and the inner seat belt mount needs to be sorted. I need to remove the Honda seat mounts to confirm this aspect, I got mine for $1000 in very good nick, a darkish red, not my first choice but will work with the red S2. Seats have the flip forward mech. Cheers Greg

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