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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All, So i'm on the hunt for a targa, basically anything with an interesting interior (not black) and any external colour other than black. Australian delivered and matching numbers would be ideal. Happy with something on the cheaper side as that will leave me some cash to restore it. If more on the expensive side it would have to be in good condition. Budget - $60-80k for something that needs a bit of work $100k for something mint. This would be my ideal car + fuchs http://classicthrottleshop.com/1982-porsche-911-sc-targa-chiffron-white/ So my hope is that someone has something they are sitting on that isn't on carsales that wants a nice smooth transaction.
  2. http://www.graysonline.com/lot/0003-3419928/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1983-porsche-911-sc-targa-manual-88-003-miles-indicated https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/portsea/cars-vans-utes/porsche-911-1983-3-0sc/1169218268 Hello all, I have limited time to sell my car , I’m off to the USA so I have elected to auction it, as I simply just don’t physically have the time to show people. I purchased the car from a collection in the UK, It was one of 8 in the collection. it’s a factory RHD it’s got a full steel wide Turbo Body. It looks tough, It really has a great presence , It sounds great as it pumps out beautiful 911 tunes through it's Ssi exhaust. corrosion isn’t an issue with this car. No oil leaks either...Hasn't dropped any. “ Auto Coupe “ just replaces shift bush and had a play and it’s shifting nice now. It fires straight up and really jumps to life, Its very straight, Paint is Very good, Targa roof has 2 small blemishes (front and trailing edge 5c piece size) a trimmer can sort. Interior is good. Stops and handles well, Has been a fun car, if you want a good car at reasonable money jump in the car and shoot to Dandenong South tomorrow and check it out. Will not disappoint! Must sell don’t miss out
  3. Morning all, im looking at a guards red 1980 911Sc in Melbourne and am going to get a PPI done Here is the car: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-1980/SSE-AD-5168582 i got a quote from Porsche centre Melbourne for $1200 including a leakdown/compressions text ect. This seemed a bit excessive seeing as I know the dealer principle and also am putting my name down for a 718 GT4. Nineauto (forum sponsor) quoted $550 for the same service. Im normally of the thought you get what you pay for but the PCM one seems excessive. On the other hand maybe they are more thorough and info used from the PCM one could be used to knock a bit more off the price when negotiating which could in turn pay for itself. Whay say you all? Am I wasting my money at PCM or do they do something special?
  4. TARGA.9 Victorian number plate for Sale $2900 I am the original owner of these having ordered them in the mid 80's they are black and white and of the standard size, condition is very good for the age. Note: after selling my Guards Red 1981 Targa in 1997 these plates have not been on a car. if interested please send me a message Scott
  5. Took off to Berry, left the family at home. Just me, the Targa, some old tunes and the road. Before I knew it I had done two tanks of fuel and that was just the way there. Might have been a few sneaky side roads. The roads down south are just awesome, the new road into Berry just opened up (no by pass yet)... beautiful piece of road but the speed creeps up there! Stayed at The Berry Lake House - my kind of heaven!
  6. I'm a huge Friends fan and this episode has PORSCHE http://fullepisodes.biz/friends-s07e22-season-7-episode-22-the-one-with-chandlers-dad-s7e22-with-english-subtitles_6b689c3ef.html
  7. Anybody know where I can get my targa roof repaired in Sydney?
  8. I found this impressive in so many ways: Action starts about 50 seconds in.
  9. So a while a go I purchased a near 40 year old 911, the previous owner purchased it brand new (he passed and his wife sold the car). He had the engine rebuilt by Porsche about 10 years ago. The interior is in incredible condition but a few bits need sorting, running gear is really good - BUT paint is falling off it faster than I can say 'I love this thing'! So why the title? When I was 8, my father gave me a match box car. It was a 911 SC targa, that was my dream, and now I have it (SC's must be the most common 911's around - that's the most common part to the title). This thread is about my restoration. I think I might be one of very few who would bother to spend a small fortune restoring a targa sportomatic (I think a red Targa Sporto is exceptionally rare because everybody changed them to manual and sprayed them a different colour... The bit I find funny is nobody really wanted my dream car. The project: Back to bare metal, glass out, guards red, new seals all round, new bright work throughout, new rear reflector and lights, restored stainless hoop, electricals, new windscreen, new bellows for the bumpers. Wherever possible I will keep and restore/clean/polish the original item and if I get it to about 90% i will keep it. If not I will replace it with an OE Porsche part. Stage 1. Restore cookie cutters back to how they were... Sand blasted, silver paint and centre caps (were black anodized in matte). I have painted to match. They are near perfect now, here is pic one of the restoration of the most common, rarest Porsche I know http://s1255.photobucket.com/user/stu234/media/Mobile Uploads/image_zps0sprt6zv.jpeg.html?sort=3&o=0 Stage 2. Bare metal pics to come tomorrow
  10. i am embarking on bare metal respray of my muched loved targa (did I just lose half of you with that 'T' word?). Anybody know where I can get a complete set of body seals? Most places seem just to sell individual ones.
  11. Hi All, I'm interested in purchasing a 1977 911S Targa 2.7l - 'left hand drive' which was imported from the US a couple of years back. I need some support around what things I should be looking for in this particular car. It isn't a daily driver so I'd expect some things wrong with it. But I'm also new to the Porsche game and need that extra help which I'm hoping I could get from you all! Also, another question, since we are a RHD country in AU, is the price of a Porsche 911 effected majorly in price and value if it is LHD? Will I also need to drive with a permit? Thanks! - Cvetee
  12. Orlando

    [TAS] Tasmania Targa Tour

    A few of the members are planning a trip to TAS to sample its fine roads. Talk to Tit with any enquiries. Full Thread is here: http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/4223-pfa-targa-tasmania-cruise-2015/
  13. turboT

    Singer targa

  14. Australian delivered (South Australia) Matching numbers Full maintenance history Major Service April 2015 231bhp I’ve only had this beautiful Targa for just over 12 months and it’s time to move onto a new home. I have had it on VIC Club Plates (TYP901 club) since ownership and mainly take it out as a weekender. Reason for sale is what I read too often here on the forums….“soon to be married, need house deposit….baby on the way!” so yes this is a clichéd sale and I’m very sad to see it go – Melbourne property seems to be in sync with SWB 911’s! The photos will give you an indication of the immaculate condition of the car, it’s rust free, all seals are crack free and all roof seals are unbroken and in as new condition. The other night I was caught out in a freezing wet night and the roof did not and has never sprung a leak. Sports seats are original option upgrade. Fuchs all unmarked and in pristine condition. Now to the km’s. yes it has more than 370,000km on the clock. Yes that is a lot. Yes it has been loved, driven and enjoyed in its 30yrs. This is a good thing. I do not have documentation on when or if a engine rebuild or refresh or transmission overhaul has been done - the 3.2’s are renowned for being bullet proof– all I can tell you is that it had a full major service in 2010 by Porsche specialist AutoArt and it has again had a minor service when I purchased it May 2014 and major service in April 2015 at Motion Automotive Porsche specialist in Melbourne – it runs flawlessly. Air Con – as you can see it’s disconnected, this is how I purchased it – if you know these cars the A/C is not great – the heating on the other hand is brilliant…..roof off, windows up and heater on the feet is how I drive 90% of the time! Maintenance/Service has been between Motion Automotive and Autooart Porsche Service (both Melbourne based) I have the maintenance records for every 20,000km scheduled Porsche service since 1984. The car idles perfectly, no hunting, responds as required when the right pedal is squeezed and the left peddle depressed, blows no smoke on start up and has run without any incident since I have owned it. So great to see that Porsche have introduced the new Targa, it really gives you the best of both worlds in both warm and cold climates – I also thought I’d stick a photo of Singers latest project which is of course, a Targa. I look forward to re-joining a Porsche Club in the years to come! If you are ready to buy, serious and always wanted a 3.2 lets talk Offers over $60,000 VIN – WPOZZZ91ZES141229 ENGINE – 63605720 Karl
  15. This is why I don't want a red car

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