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Upgrading to LED light bulbs

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What are some of the advantages of using LED light bulbs?


Why bother?


"The old incandescent filament light bulb does the job."


"That old fluro light bulb works just fine."


Well here are just a few reasons to upgrade.


·         An old filament type bulb is very inefficient. A simple indication of how inefficient these bulbs are - check the amount of heat generated by this bulb. A LED replacement bulb produces only a fraction of the heat made by the incandescent bulb.

·          The LED bulb uses only a fraction of the power that the equivalent filament bulb uses. This means batteries last longer, wiring can be lighter gauge and switch gear last longer.

·         The type of light produced by LED's can be a better type (colour) of light, better for reading, etc.

·         A fluorescent light bulb actually flickers when turned on - we can't see this but the bulb is flashing at 60K per second. What does this do to our eye sight? An LED light is a constant light when switched on.

·         A fluorescent light uses most of its power when turned on - turning a fluorescent light on and off repeatedly uses lots of power.

·         An LED bulb on average has a life of approx. 30,000 hours. Average life span of an incandescent light bulb is around 3,000 hours or less.:o



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