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On 03/09/2021 at 10:52, BOC said:

“Mod plating” as they refer to it in sunny QLD is a relatively simple process cp other states.  There are defined pathways to ensure various modifications are checked for correct mechanical installation and the overall safety balance of the vehicle following modification is good.   Their system helps a punter to modify appropriately and transparently.  VICRoads have a more restrictive outlook.   The list of engineers they’ll deal with here is small and they stipulate who you must use.  Many of the approved engineers over charge and over specify like a monopoly, encouraged by the restricted landscape VICRoads created.  Having a car professionally engineered in any Australian state/territory should make the process much easier in another state.  That’s not the case here.  Typical VIC corruption from the top down 😊

NSW has made itself the most obstructive and recalcitrant state you could possibly choose to try and build or modify a vehicle.  To the point that most people don't bother and give up.  Engineers have handed back their RTA accreditation - just not worth the effort.  You can't register an ICV constructed in any other state, and modification plates issued elsewhere are not recognised in the NSW jurisdiction.  It is by design and NSW bureaucrats got exactly what they set out to achieve.

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I’ve not been involved with an ICV project, but I gather that every state make that close to impossible.  Engineers handing back their accreditation is sad.  Engineering is very important.  They should be laying clear pathways for safe, balanced mods and expanding the system not turning off the tap.  The age of the internet means the volume of at home modifications is increasing, not dwindling.

But VIC seems to be on a similar path.


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