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My 944 Cabriolet

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4 minutes ago, 944s2cab said:

But, you will know


HaHa! I had a look on HPC website and looks like the dull colours are just as good for keeping things cooler. Later when my wallet recovers I may look into it, but then again not sure how one would get the exhaust headers off with the engine in :blink:

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After much deliberation, I decided to strengthen the oil pick up tube, I believe that the reason why the base of the oil pick up tube breaks is that the brackets connecting the two tube together breaks, this allows the oil pick up tube to flex, causing the tube to fracture, given this, I made up a bracket and brazed it between the two tubesNM6I-Q8hme8TCF7qy_foDvi4-09yTdl15XMD-NhK





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17 minutes ago, ANF said:

You must be getting close to finished now!

You'd think so, but alas I'm still waiting for the bearings

Really scratching around for things to be done, I might try a bit of programing tomorrow and wire in the extra oil sensors 

here is the IGN. feed which used to go to the coil, now goes to the 5 coil on plugs




Adapter for the vacuum hose to the VEMS ECU


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