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986/996 cars needing an engine rebuild

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Hi guys,

New to the forum and new to Porsche's but have been doing a lot of reading recently. From what I've read the 986/996 era cars can have some issues with engine failures, it seems common to be able to pick up these cars in need of a rebuild in the US for a reasonable price but I haven't really been seeing any for sale in Australia recently. I'm after a car like this (manual only) for a project I have in mind (probably something that would probably make the purists unhappy unfortunately) so I was wondering how common it is to come across these cars and approximately how much they would be worth?

Thanks for your help

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Boy did you 2 newbs post at the right time, heavens align for you both ... by the way, welcome to PFA

just posted -

2002 Porsche Boxster S 90k with chocolate milk in coolant. looking to sell as is cheap

By Adam Green, 21 minutes ago in Mid Engined 

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