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Scott SS964

PCV Club night tonight

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My self and @Rod C are heading up to Port Melbourne from the Mornington Peninsula if anyone else wants to join in. Sounds like it will be a great location/night

Details to follow



PCV Blurb

For our opening Club Night of 2018, PCV members are invited to experience special access to Station Pier in Port Melbourne.  Station Pier, built in 1854 and now heritage listed, is Melbourne’s primary sea passenger terminal servicing interstate ferries, international cruise ships and sometimes navy ships.

Our special access begins immediately with our cars being allowed to drive onto the pier and park at the far end in display formation.  Porsches preferred but all cars welcome.

After parking, attendees will take the lift upstairs to the cruise terminal where they will be directed to our event area, again towards the far end of the pier.  Our dinner and presentation area is inside, but we are hopeful of good weather so that we can wander the outside decks which will overlook our cars on display.  From these decks you can also enjoy city and bay views on one side, and Westgate/Port views on the other.

Following dinner and club news, a senior representative from Victorian Ports Melbourne will speak to us about the history and importance of Station Pier.

New and prospective members are always most welcome.

In addition to experiencing Station Pier, the object of our opening Club Night is to socialise, refresh friendships, make new ones and whet your appetites, not only for the food and refreshments on offer, but also for the exciting Club year ahead.

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