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Melbourne: Cayenne turbo coolant pipe replacement recommendation?

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So, after driving my new-to-me 2004 cayenne turbo for 3 weeks, it had to be flatbed trucked home today after suffering sudden, massive coolant loss while driving to work.

Honestly, not really a surprise since it's a known common problems to V8 cayennes. Just not prepared for it to happen right now - I'd just ordered a borescope to check for plastic coolant pipes too!

Anyway, while I could order the parts, wait weeks for them to arrive then spend a weekend covered in grease trying to fit them, it would be great if I can get any recommendations for workshops in Melbourne that 1) have the replacement coolant pipes in stock and 2) can give a rough quote on their installation. I figure I'd replace the coolant Ts to the turbos too if getting the work done, and any other recommended things while the car is undergoing this work.

So, recommendations for Melb independent workshops that can look after a 955 cayenne?

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