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K's for Cancer

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Hello all.
I am organising a charity event to coincide with a drive in October with a few Porsche guys, a mix of Classic Porsche Australia and PFA. This is around the beautiful state of Tasmania, taking in all that we have to offer - great roads plus amazing scenery.
We are raising money to go towards Cancer Council Tasmania to help them continue the great work that they do.
More can be found at the facebook page
As well as https://personalchallenge.gofundraise.com.au/page/AdamFoxton
Thankyou for your time 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeEPJDuHfzffv0SDdwyBd


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For those not on Facebook, here is the full blurb :)


Cancer is something that touches us all, either directly or through someone that we know. We, as a group of Porsche enthusiasts, wish to help out the community and have some fun at the same time. We will be circumnavigating the beautiful island of Tasmania taking in some wonderful roads and amazing views - travelling kilometres (k’s) to help raise much needed funds for Cancer Council Tasmania this October.
I have been personally been involved with Cancer Council Tasmania for a few years now both with Relay For Life as a participant and also as a volunteer. For me what resonates the most is the work they do across all cancers and all ages in local communities in prevention, research and support.
K’s for Cancer is a way for us like minded people to do our bit to support this vital work. We look forward to a great Tassie drive visiting wonderful local communities and meeting the local people. If we are in your area please come and say hi.
Please help out by donating to K’s for Cancer and in turn helping out Cancer Council Tasmania continue their great work throughout the state.
Thankyou for your time

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Great vantage point! I recall stopping in there one day to check out a puncture I had...….

One thing I plan to do when my 928 is running again is take some pics in a great location, this could be one!

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Getting close to the little drive, I will not have my 928 fixed but will be tagging along still very much involved.

If anyone would like to donate, it would be muchly appreciated.

Thankyou to James for his kind donation and also to Porsche Cars Australia for their generous donation!

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