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Stone Chip Film Removal

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A lot more comfortable to drive and less of an oil smell!!  Actually, this one has been lowered and stiffer suspension for the track/rallying so it does let me feel every bump in the road.  My last 3.2 was also lowered a bit so similar in that way.  I had sports seats in the last car and found them to be more supportive than these..I like the seats to wrap around me a bit more, however that is a minor issue that can be fixed.

Overall, the car drives very well and feels "surer" on the road, although I have only had 1 trip through the Adelaide Hills so far!

Have got all the stone chip film off except for the front bumper so that may need a trip to Lee's shed, a steam gun, some plastic razor blades and a bottle of red (for when we finish!!)

Living in an apartment with only a car stacker makes it difficult to do any real work on the car!

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Shit! I'd better clean up the mancave! 

 Welcome anytime fella

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