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1st 356 Holiday in Coff's Harbour NSW

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The first 356 "Holiday" was held in lovely Coff's Harbour at Opal Cove Resort with stunning weather between last Friday and today. Around 40, 356s from QLD, NSW and VIC - cabs, coupes, Conv D's, Roadsters, Speedsters, A's, B's, C's and some outlaws.  Over 70 people attended the excellent dinner last night. There was a drone shadowing the various drives around Coff's and hinterland and videos will be available (there is no place to hide!) from the 346 Reg soon, I believe.

We drove the 1,100kms round trip from the Sunshine Coast without mishap with Michael, Barry and Rob from here (we carried spares of about everything!). In fact no one had a single problem seemingly. Russ Peberdy drove his concours winning red car from Melbourne and many others from Victoria and NSW also there.  Grant and the local team around Coff's did a stunning job.  
If you have a few mins check out the Google Photos link below. It is well worth the visit to see the beautifully prepared and presented cars. It was great to finally meet so many of the folk who make up this community of historic Porsches. I am sure that there will be more information coming through, as we had to leave a day early for family reason.

Thank you all so much.


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Others will chime in with more and better images and movies I believe.

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