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Coastr: it is a V6.

944s2cab: the sump is in two pieces, upper and lower. The oil pump sits in the upper sump and is immersed in oil. The lower, smaller sump houses the oil pick up and oil level sender. I am not worried about loosing the sender as there is also a dip stick. I do need a low area for the oil pick which  is at the rear of the sump. These motors do not carry a lot of oil and the pump operates at low pressure for efficiency. I am looking at putting an accumulator in the post pump pressure side of the oil circuit to supplement the loss of some sump capacity and guard against starvation due to surge in the small lower sump, although I will also have some baffles welded in at the time. There is a oil cooler take off on the side of the motor which is on the pressure side of the circuit which I can use for the accumulator and a bigger cooler as well. The whole system being at lower pressure make the set up easier, I think, and the accumulator will protect the motor in case I have my thought processes wrong. 

Hence I think the firewall is the easier option. I think it will also look like it was planned rather than shoe horned in.863368420_Oilcircuit.png.4d260bf69c02a2c8a12731c25c5fcd02.png.

I have attached an image of the oil system in the motor from an Audi introductory presentation. 


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