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Battery load tester , multimeter

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Farrrkkk Fuch Fuch .. so much shit missing..outta my life 

Seeing as there is Fuch all going on in the buying and selling arena , I guess we are all gonna get back to working on and repairing our cars - yippee

So back to stuff , tools and things , I lost my multimeter

Whats your recommendations or best fandangled gadgets for battery tests , circuit testing , general use etc etc

Big week in the garage .. the porsches run fine, the bikes too ..but the Escort still needs more love, especially in the dogy earth department and alternator areana ;) 

Ok go… suppliers recommendations and discussions

Someone must have worked for one of the suppliers or wired someone to the HT leads as sexual torture or something ..

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I had one and it is now busted, so I would like a new good one too!!

I think they will all pretty much do what you need, except for the load testing bit!

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I've managed to survive the last 40 years of tech fiddling with something like this:

https://www.jaycar.com.au/low-cost-digital-multimeter-dmm/p/QM1500  (But mine are so old they're analogue displays.)

If the issue is more complicated than what a 10 buck multimeter can handle, it's frankly beyond me and I'll have to pay someone to fix it anyway.

As for load testing car or bike batteries, I don't bother.  I just replace them as soon as they strongly hint at giving trouble as it's just not worth the inconvenience and they're relatively cheap anyway.  

BTW: I'm a happy Hoselink hose own too.  

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Another area you get what you pay for. Water proof, drop proof, accuracy, calibration support etc. Unless you are really into electronics don’t bother with the advanced features or super accuracy. For just knocking around the shed vist Jaycar for a multi meter. Just make sure it has auto off. Jaycar and kincrome also have  battery testers that I have never seen or used so can not say if they are any good. 




but better testers are from 


Leaders in multimeters are Fluke and Keysight (Once upon a time Hewlett Packard) 

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