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"PSM Failure" warning

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Hey all,


So a couple of times I've had "PSM Failure, drive with caution" pop up.

So far it seems that the culprits can be:

1) steering angle sensor

2) wheel/brake sensors

3) battery

4) abs system pump etc

5) cabling that runs over the steering rack

I'm trying to work out if there are any characteristics that point to any particular failure? Car is relatively low kns

it's happened on three occasions 1) can't remember the specifics, I Think after pulling away 2) hard acceleration whilst over taking 3) pulling away out of a survo.


On the second occasion, I could feel one of the brakes being applied I think (light juddering as I sped up).


Don't have access to a scanner - but conveniently am looking to buy one. Apparently there's a kit for the wiring? Stuck miles out of the way so having a porsche tech have a look isn't an option either for the near future


All occasions it's cured by stopping and restarting.


i'd like to try and narrow it down - car is under stat warranty but being intermittent unless I Can really narrow down the cause I can't see it getting resolved :)


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Think it would be best to start with a diagnostic tool (PIWIS - factory tool or eg Durametric) to read the fault code. Fault codes are more specific and help pinpoint the issue. Good luck!

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I'd be getting back to the dealer or a service centre regardless of where you are stuck.

Assuming the car is still under stat warranty as you mention I would take it to a Porsche specialist and get a list of what needs to be repaired then go back to the dealer you purchased it from and ask for the faults to be fixed or your money back. I'd assume PSM is arguably essential for road worthiness. Presumably the fault would be recorded in the cars CPU logs and is an easy fix with the right equipment. Perhaps the dealer you purchased from also has a suitable scanner?

My cousin had a similar problem happen when he bought his Macan Turbo. Identified the fault with Porsche then returned to the dealer who some how managed to get the $10k repair bill fixed on good will by Porsche Sydney. 

Let us know how you go. 

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