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Noisey lifters 4.5l

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      I've owned this 1980 928 for a couple of years now and its had noisey lifters since day one. I assumed it would go away after being driven for a while as it wasn't used much by previous owner, so I tried lifter ease in the oil with minimal success on rare occasions it would quiet down but not for long. It's due for an oil change soon (castrol gtx3) and was wondering about putting in some oil flushing additive before I change oil and filter any advice welcome. Oil pressure is good but the noisey motor is a pain and I would like to get rid of it. Thanks Dobbo.

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Hi Dobbo, what viscosity is the GTX? 

I always put in Penrite Engine Flush. Having my engine apart and looking in depth at the lifters, all of mine were "solid" and I have been working to free them up, although they were never noisy! Maybe try a different engine oil as well? A few including me run Penrite HPR 30 with good results.

The lifters are very simplistic in their design, but have small holes and a couple of "chambers", can easily become clogged.


An exploded view.....



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