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Overall I'm a fan of the new 992 there is a few elements i really love and some that I'm on the fence about. In saying this I look forward to seeing and driving it in the flesh. 

Note: The 911 needs to evolve to stay relevant, and we want Porsche to be relevant and successful especially with the 911; as I too get older I enjoy the older cars more so these days however that does not stop me admiring the technology and innovation of the current era. 

I  really love the rear tail light section setting the 992 apart from previous generations, although I'm not so sure on the spoiler however it is growing on me. I particularly like the curvaceousness of the wide guard sections an element that has attracted me to the 993/997 versions as well, although I did hear on the launch commentary that they sighted the 80's 930 turbo as a reference this I can't see.

Those door handles are superb!!!

The interior!!!!,  I'm a massive fan I love the screens the switch gear, the finishes look current and high quality it looks like a great place to be.

8 PDK speed transmission


Given the S version is 450Hp standard trimIi'm litrally holding breath for what the Turbo S and GT products will be specced with- personally I think its time that all  GT products are specced with the turbo, don't they have to? the GT3 is the track car where the completion has been utilising twin turbo technology long ago and before you know it will be turbo hybrid etc....

For the N/A lovers a separate GT car could be produced


enough for now 



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Put me down as liking the tailihht treatment as well, I just wish is was 100mm lower and the back sloped down accordingly.

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