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911 Hotrod Review 2018 (video)

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Hey hotrodders 

i found this vid and thought it useful, interesting for those just starting out, thinking of hotrodding, etc..or maybe just thinking of the next upgrade item on your hrod!!  it’s based on the “bring a trailer” us website... the guy reviews a few hot rods sold on BaT in 2018 and shows pics of the cars and their upgraded bits n pieces (a few close ups) and a short vid of the car being driven (all just grabbed from BaT)...

Towards the end he plots a few. graphs to show trends if anything... what influences sale price. A look at what’s happening in the US anyway.


Was going to put it in the video section (of PFA) but it’s so hotrod specific thought it might get a better viewing here....



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Thanks for listing this.

I can see that in US  'collectors' are moving into the 911 HotRod market

If this trend follows in OZ - , well maybe,  drivability and pleasure of ownership will be diminished - with a trade off of  higher 'collector' level prices???

Dirty stinking HotRods (like mine) will be emasculated to become garage queens. My neighbors will be happy.

My wifey wont ride in mine (hmmm good !!!!) but I reckon she thinks it's still my previous 911, as they are both red.

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Well, LA & US in general has had a custom car culture across the board  as their way of car ownership for many years... and since Singer, its all picked up in the porsche world too now... as the  purists dominated I feel before that. There are definitely many more custom or hotrod shops around in US now, thats for sure... and probably springing up more and more - there's a market there for sure. But Im not sure thats the overall momentum cos the US is just big in everything it does, If you look at one stream of fandom or fetish it definitely feels like the the market is moving that way but I reckon the US just goes big in many directions. Also, labour rates make it not financially viable in Oz I feel... So, it will have limited expansion of custom shops like in the US.

Dirty stinking? Im offended.. I keep my hotrod clean and fragrant, thank you. Except after an SMT, its definitely dirty. Actually, compared to a new car my car does stink... you get in and you smell the oil, the fuel, the rubber. ok, you have a point. You call stink I call 'fragrance de classique car'... 😊

But yeah, agree, if the market on hotrods goes more gangbusters, then garage queens will flourish... 


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