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FS: Porsche 997 Carrera S (2007) manual coupe

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I have decided to sell my 2007 Porsche 997 Carrera S…. I haven’t listed it yet on Carsales - I thought I would give the PFA membership the opportunity first.


It took me over a year to find this car and I had planned to keep it forever, but an opportunity has arisen for me to buy a shareholding in the company where I work and I would be crazy not to take it up.


When I was buying this car (just 17 months / 3,000km ago), I had two other 997s inspected by Porsche specialists and decided to pass as they just weren’t good enough. But this one, which I ended up buying, was “a good car, in fantastic condition” per the specialists report. The pre-purchase inspection included a bore scope to ensure there was no evidence of bore scoring, as well as a compression test (came back perfect on both accounts).


Some info on the car:

  • Porsche 997 Carrera S 3.8 litre coupe
  • Manual gearbox, with factory fitted short shifter
  • 67,800 km
  • Meteor Grey with black leather interior
  • 2007 compliance and first registration, Australian delivered car (Porsche Centre Brisbane)
  • Sports Chrono Plus
  • Genuine, factory fitted 19" Porsche Carrera Sport alloy wheels
  • Colour matched centre console

  • Factory sunroof

  • Alcantara roof lining

  • Parking sensors

  • PASM (electronic dampers) and PSM (stability management)

  • Bose sound, electronic memory seats etc

  • Manuals, leather folder, two keys - everything you'd expect


The condition of the car is superb. I’m not aware of any dings or scratches, maybe just a few tiny stone ships on the front of the car. The interior condition is equally good. The leather seats are unmarked. There is barely any sign of wear on controls etc. Everything works as it should.


The car was serviced less than 1,000km ago. The service history is perfect, with a mix of Porsche main dealer and Independent Porsche Specialists. Tyres have around 70-80% tread left. Clutch and brake rotors were inspected at the recent service and are a long way from needing replacement. There is nothing to do on this car, nothing even on the ‘watch list’.


The car is standard with two exceptions:

  • The stereo head unit has been replaced with a top-of-the-range Alpine head unit, with Apple CarPlay, bluetooth, handsfree mobile etc. The original Porsche head unit is included in the sale (working fine, just outdated), should the next owner want to return the car to factory spec.
  • The rear mufflers have had a partial bypass pipe added, so the exhaust sounds like the switchable Porsche Sports Exhaust when in ‘sport’ mode. Great sound, like a Porsche should sound, not too loud. Can be returned to factory spec quite easily if required.


I know from my own experience how hard it is to find a great manual 997 C2S coupe. If you’re in the market, this is the one to buy. No finance owing, clear title. Private plate doesn't come with the car.


The car is in Brisbane.


The asking price is $110,000. If you’re interested, send me a DM with your phone number and I’ll give you a call.















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Added asking price

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17 minutes ago, Gsaps said:

Think this needs a price 

There's currently 5 manual 997.1 S coupes with less than 100,000km available for sale nationally on Carsales, ranging from $105,000 to $129,000 asking price. I'm not after some crazy inflated price, I just want a fair price for a moderately hard-to-find car.

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32 minutes ago, Gsaps said:

Think this needs a price 

Quickest way to sort a sale with least tyre kickers.....

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3 minutes ago, Gsaps said:

That’s cool, just think it’s a forum rule is all so just a headsup 

I've read the thread re for sale rules, I couldn't see that rule. Happy to be corrected. Moderator Hugh has read this thread.

The orange GT3 RS for sale ad didn't have a price listed. Didn't see any comments there...

3 minutes ago, Troubleshooter said:

Quickest way to sort a sale with least tyre kickers.....

I guess I'm listing it on PFA first as I assumed people on here would be genuine buyers rather tyre kickers.

If we rewound the cassette tape of my own life 18 months and I had seen this advert having been in the market looking for over 12 months, then I would have sent a DM and on the subsequent phone call made an offer somewhere in the range $105-129k.

Maybe I should have said "inviting offers" in the ad.

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