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After owning a 944 S2, and putting 45,000m on it in 20 months (so much more pleasure than the rep car the company gave me), and having to give up my 964 after our first child, I'd been Porsche-less for 2 years. I had to have one again, to really live !

So I found this lovely late, 250bhp 944 Turbo, and still have it. The ideal compromise - power of the 964, far more practical, lower cost, though no flat six noise. But its part of the family now, my kids wont let me sell it ever, and fortunately I don't need to. If I ever move to Brisbane where my family is, I'll bring it out to play.

It has the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in, lovely balance for a bit of drifting, though feels very heavy compared to my Boxster. A few pics from over the years..I have entered it in Concour, though as a Judge myself knew it would never win. 


Porsche inside compr.jpg

Porsche front threeq compr.jpg

Black Label on bonnet compressed.jpg


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