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marc and cars

Trying Hard to get going on YouTube

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Gday Everyone,

Marc here from Perth. I have recently started a new YouTube Channel.

Marc and Cars - Porsche Air Cooled Enthusiast



Here are my videos to date. If you like them please share them, subscribe to the channel, give them a thumbs up. You know the drill.

All comments and feedback appreciated.








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Welcome aboard Marc, just watched the NZ 356 outlaw clip... loved the clip and definitely the car.

Look forward to getting through your other clips and future postings.




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Good to see a Ford Anglia, my first car. As usual no heater fitted, an option when new, only ever saw one with a heater.  Sit in the drivers seat and all you can see are the two mudguards....sorta like some other car 🤔

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Ferry's, I also had several Anglia's. Apparently none of the Australian delivered Anglia's were available with a heater. I have seen one with a heater that was imported from South Africa. Apparently back then, the poms thought it was so hot in Australia, we wouldn't need it!

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