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Hi Kerry after our conversation yesterday I see what Jane was talking about.

I have tried to load some photos up over the last two days but keep getting a limit notice coming up.

I am doing it on my Mac so not from the phone or iPad.

Just thought I would let you know and confirm that problem.

Cheers mate.


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Cheers Niko, this seems to be a problem associated with the software update late last week, and the losing of custom settings - one of which was our increased allocation of data to members... I'll get our boffin onto it on Tuesday. Cheers, K

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I am still unable to load any photos on Kez.   Little sign comes up and  tells me I am only allowed to upload 256kb.

I have downsized the photos and even just trying to load one photo .....computer says...NO 

I work off a MAC if that makes any difference, obviously looking at other photos posts going up no one else seems to have the problem....or do they?

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Hey Niko.

Since the infamous Photobucket Money Grab incident a couple of years ago, this has been a difficult issue and a slippery slope for us as far as members uploading images, and PFA suppling data storage to accomodate this expectation. We are all now used to the likes of Facebook/iNSTAGRAM etc, where you can basically upload to your hearts content, and expect all your images to be stored into perpetuity... and to be accessible with relative ease. To state the obvious, these guys are the big fish, and we are plankton!  They make billions, we make peanuts. 🙈

We have recently taken the step of buying into mass storage for our data requirements for PFA, almost entirely so members could upload photos directly without having to use the likes of Photobucket etc... Originally we allocated 20Mb for Members, and 50Mb for Financial Members/Moderators/Honorary Members.

You Sir, are at 99% of capacity in 2 months! 🙄😂 I note that most of your images uploaded are around 200k in size, and therefore a limit of 50Mb would give you around 250 images, which for you, wouldn't take long at all to fill! 😎

I'm going to reset the HM's capacity at 200Mb, FM's to 100Mb, and M's to 50Mb this morning, which should keep you going until....Christmas?! 🤔 😊

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that you are our number one photographic contributor Niko, however there might come a point where some deleting might be required...  🤷‍♂️ or, find another image storage solution that isn't Photobucket!  😉   




If you want to see what images you have uploaded, and make up your current storage allowance, you can click on your profile name in the top banner, and then beneath My Profile, the next level is My Attachments. You can manage from there...

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