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41 minutes ago, TwoHeadsTas said:

@JB and other gurus.  How can you definitively tell if a car has previously been ceramic coated?  I suspect our 981 Boxster may well have been  done in the past, but am unsure if there is any definitive way to tell.  If it was, I would expect it would have been done by the P dealer from new 5 1/2 years ago).  I haven't done a full clay or polish (doesn't seem to need it) but have been using Meguiars Quick Wax after I have washed the car.




I’d say if it’s 5 years old I’d be surprised if it’s still there. However it all comes down to how the car/coating has been looked after, and how the car has lived. Water beading on a coating will typically uniform sizes and shapes Irregular water blobs mean that there is very little, if any, coating. Water should dissipate off the duco very quickly and have a uniform round shape. The water It should not ‘sheet’ and sit across the duco.  A lot of experienced guys can feel if there’s a coating on the car, but for guys in the industry there’s a few key markers we look for as a lot of people tell us their car has a coating, and it doesn’t.

if your not in Melbourne take a video of spraying your car with the hose I’ll try to let you know what’s on there.


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