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Cayenne 92A purchase

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Hi all, 

I'm being seriously tempted by a stunning 92A Cayenne S. I've done quite a bit of reading about issues such as coolant pipes (not sure if an issue on 92A?) and cardan shafts. Of greater concern are some reported bore scoring issues on non-turbo petrol cars. I'm not sure if this was restricted to 9PA or included 92A as well.  Does anyone know as specific detail seems hard to come by?  Hopefully the liners were sorted out for 92A cars. 

I'll likely be booking in a PPI this week. 

EDIT: some further reading suggests the 958 (which is what I'm looking at) was not impacted by bore issues. However, the two main issues appear to be broken vario-cam bolts and transfer case failures. Anyone have any experience with these. And were they subject to a recall in AU? I think there were recalls on these two issues in the US. 





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It is my understanding that most those issues were ironed out by the facelift 9PA.. as for the other issue, I'd have a search on the Cayenne section on Rennlist forums. 

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