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What did you do to your Porsche today ???

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Installed a Cargraphic TUV exhaust on the weekend with the kind help and expertise of @dan_189 , a pretty easy install with no real challenges (apart from the clamps). The original mufflers weight a considerable bit more, straight away there is a weight saving. Tailpipes we lined up by eye and managed to get them aligned perfectly first time.

Initial start up straight away sounded deeper, with notable throttle response willing to rev much more freely . The sound is much more pronounced that just gets better as you push it. Power is definitely up, notably more, a combination of removing my old Gundo hacked mufflers and installing a proper system.

Just to make sure I ran them in, did an afternoon 300 KM blast across the hills to Yea and back… best modification so far











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Dropped my car off to Weissach today to get it's yearly service + tie end rod and brakes/rotors sensors all restored to new. 

Worked out well as i'm going to Adelaide for the weekend for work.

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A project I have been working on for a few weeks is finally(well almost as I have some ideas) finished.

I made up a real carbon fibre panel to hold the display for Zeitronix ZT2. It is custom mounted behind and gives real time display of Lambda and Air Fuel Ratio, Exhaust gas temperature, and Boost/vacuum. The panel is sprayed with a 2 part clear with Porsche logo embedded under it 

The black billet switches with white Led lighting control ejector seat, number plate flipper, machine guns front and rear :P

The lighting on switches was way to bright, so have fitted a variable dimmer on them, so I can dial it back until it is just right.


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