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My Martini RSR build project

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Time for an update:

we managed to find the correct paint colors for the Martini stripes & logos, which was a bit of a pain. I couldn't find anyone who could tell me the correct colors used on the RSRs in 1973, and looking at restored and non-restored cars, it really looks as if none is exactly the same.

A bit of trial and error then, but I think we landed on a good selection that is close to the original, for what that is worth...

We also finished the work on the hood, where we finished the openable caps over the dry-breaks, and 'glassed' the balsa wood strips in place exactly as the original had.

We now just have to give it a light amber paint finish to make it look old, but other than that we're pretty much ready for paint. Yay!!






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Things are moving again. cool.gif

We sealed the front trunk and painted it grand-prix white and yesterday I was finally able to spend some time on the car again myself; It had been months with work and other things getting in the way.
And whilst we're waiting for a timeslot in the painters' busy schedule, we've started with building up the car where possible.
First item on the list was the wiring harness and earth cable that have to go through the tunnel.
I remember getting so frustrated when taking the donor car apart that I cut the old harness, thinking for a build like this I wanted brand new connections, and not worrying about 40+ year old wires.
But, getting the wiring through and in the right spot was a huge pain. Cost us the whole day just to get those cables through and fitted and do the front wiring correctly.

Anyway, super glad that is in now and kudos to Kroon who supplied the cables; the length, colors used and connectors are all fantastic. You can almost see where the connectors have to go just by the length of the individual parts: Amazing stuff.
I know they're not cheap, but at moments like this it does pay off as you get what you pay for.
Having said that, there are a few things I still need to fix. With the changed battery location I'll have to drill a hole to lead the earth cable from the interior into the smugglers box, and the standard wiring loom has two battery cables that also need re-directing.
Then there's the two Mercedes/Bosch fuel pumps left and right that need a power connection, Just like I need to ensure the external & internal cut-offs interrupt everything, including the fuel pumps.






Next are brake lines, roll-bars, hand-brake and the (dual cylinder) pedal box, which I first will have to paint and put together as it got scratched a few months bavk to do the dry-fitting. 


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