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Macan: Replace 1 Tyre or 2 following flat

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So my wife got a flat rear tyre in the Macan and didn’t notice. Now needs a new tyre as she killed the sidewall ($439 for a 21” Michelin). 

Question is does she need to replace both rears? The other one is six months old and has 7,000kms on it (at least half of which is highway). Looks ok to me. Tyre shop said we should think about it but won’t advise either way (helpful!). 

At $439 a tyre I’d obviously prefer not to. 

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Do one @D2000 as I had exactly the same thing happen earlier in its life on the set before those. Picked the daughter up from the airport when it was a construction site and was on the eastern dist before I noticed I had a puncture. Actually interesting how well it rides with a flat rear only on a bend I realised, certainly u would notice earlier if it was the front 😮.

In my opinion as long as it’s the same tire brand size etc I don’t think you have any issues of uneven wear being only 7k. 

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