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Just looking at a number of posts today and I see a lot of new people posting on PFA.  The funny thing is that a lot of these new people with only a few posts have taken the positive step and joined as a Financial Member.  Great to see and good on you all New FM's, especially when you are asking questions to solve your personal Porsche related problems.

On further investigation though I see that there are many PFA Members who have posted many times (some over 100+) and obviously enjoy being part of the PFA community, yet are not Financial Members. 

@Kerry can outline all the benefits of being a Financial Member, but apart from that I feel that if you wish to be a true PFA participant and help build the Forum, then it is fair to say that you should be a Financial Member.  It's only $25 pa and I am sure most people on the forum will get much more than $25 benefit each year from PFA.

As such I am reaching out to all Non Financial Members.  Time for all you Member Only people, especially those who have posted more than 50 times, to become a true PFA participant/representative and become a Financial Member. 

Let's make this a 10th anniversary present to the Forum by joining up for $25 and showing your true support.

Rant over. 

It's a slow day today so sorry if this post offends anyone.



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Really? Whilst I get your point, it is optional to be a FM.

I think it can come off the wrong way to new or even established (but not so regular posting) members by making such threads and posts that are of a passive aggressive tone towards non FM.

Don't forget, forums are a dying breed that have to compete with Facebook Porsche groups (which I personally hate) but they are free and provide instant gratification. 

I have supported the board as long as I can recall, as I am a big fan of the platform, and love this community, but the renewal process can be a little clumsy in my experience. Also right now posting on a desktop, I can see my membership has lapsed to "member" obviously I need to renew, but does that take me out of the "True member" clique for the few days or weeks its been expired? It also doesn't display you status on the mobile version, which doesn't help since I am sure a lot of us are reading/posting off the shitter half the time. 

Not a dig, just my thoughts... as I think its an easy subject to approach for some of us, but delicate for others (for some reason I don't personally understand)... maybe more or different member perks would entice? 

Anyway, I just feel we need to not get all tribal and beat the non FM's up... social media is already doing a bang up job of that! 

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Ive looked all around this site, can someone pointme to the "how to pay" page pls? 

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