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Here's the speedo that will go in the car,after it's been changed over from its  mechanical operation at Ringwood Speedometer.

speedo .JPG

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A new piece of the puzzle has arrived today from Germany ,a Hot Wire Air Flow Meter and Adaptor. This will allow it to idle properly,given that the 964 engine with all it's components doesn't fit,so changes have to made. 

It apparently provides some more horsepower but that's a secondary consideration I think with what it'll have anyway.

Hot Wire Meter 1.JPG

Hot Wire Meter 2.JPG

Hot Wire Meter 3.JPG

Hot Wire Meter 4.JPG

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An unexpected situation with the mechanical speedometer. The Wevo covered up the connecting point,so I had to source an electronic one and it came from an 83 - 911, so all's good now. Even better,I sold mine in 15 minutes of it being on the 901 register site.

Adrian is sorting out the wiring,so we now have ignition,brake,indicator and reversing lights,so that's another move forward. As well as that,a tricky bit of kit arrived from Germany and that's to do with air & fuel mix as I understand it. Also fitted new rear wheel bearings and a new fuel tank gasket along with fuel gauge sender seal.

We need a few more bits from Patrick Motorsports which includes a beefed up starter motor,so that will be happening sooner rather than later.

Here's some more shots of our progress.

Hot Wire Meter 3.JPG

Hot Wire Meter 4.JPG

Wiring 1.JPG

Wiring 2.JPG


Random shot.JPG

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I received a call from Adrian today to tell me that owing to the current circumstances,he's unable to continue working,so thanks to Dickhead Dan,the build just takes a whole lot longer than it should. Pissed off,you better believe it!!!!!


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Although zip is happening with the car at present,(thanks again Dickhead Dan) I have purchased from Auto Atlanta,a bunch of screws and speed nuts required for the headlights and their trim installation. A 3 plastic plug kit to replace those missing in the boot floor as well.

Really pleased to say that instead of sourcing a HIGH TORQUE starter motor from Patrick Motorsport in the US,one produced in Castlemaine,Victoria  has arrived,so good to support local clever guys having a go!

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Despite Dopey Dan's lockdown crap, we're getting a bit done by way of parts ordering. I've got some original cabin parts that were stripped out returning with a friend from the US at months end, as well as an original jack that I got from Retro Automotive Products. Braided oil and brake lines are being made up, a heap of stuff will be off the John at Solar Plating and as soon as Max, the Metal Fabricator "Extrordinaire"  can get down to do a few bits, the engine tin will be off to A1 Powder Coaters for finishing.

The brakes on the front are 930 Turbo and the rears are 911S,which are off to be overhauled and painted, so they should look and work a treat. We've dispensed with the Ford Capri handbrake (how'd that get in there?) and are going about installing a Boxster h/brake instead. The final fit will be more like the  original in a directional sense too.

New wheel bearings are in and a whole lot of missing Clutch bits and pieces have lobbed from Germany. Phil at Porsche Melbourne Spare Parts has been more than helpful as usual!

I had a birthday recently, so I shouted myself one of those 917 style wooden gearshift knobs. A  bit exey, but bugger it ,I like the idea and it will finish off the cabin nicely after it's trimmed. I thought id throw in a picture of a front caliper before it's re done.


930 Brakes.jpeg

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Well finally there's a bit of action taking place. Rear brakes are off being done whilst Adrian fettles some shims that are required for it all to fit properly. He ordered the braided oil lines and the same to replace the existing plastic petrol lines. I know these cars were built to a price, but plastic & petrol don't seem to mix that well for me.

We'll do  the front brakes when the rears are back with us.

Max lobbed and did his thang again in creating the opening for the new Boxster handbrake arrangement. The Ford Escort one that was fitted, was incorrect and had the cables running across the top of the heat exchangers, hence the covering melted. They were sent away and all good now.

Here's a few photos that Adrian sent over.









A few more recent shots.

Plastic Petrol Lines.JPG

Rear Brakes.JPG

Rear Brakes#2.JPG

Oil Cooler & Lines.JPG

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We're back and no, I haven't shot myself thru frustration although i've felt like it a few times." Never get involved in a car build they said" and dickhead here didn't listen!!!

Anyway, Adrian's now doing 2 days a week on it and i'm doing the pickup delivery of whatever needs to be done, so 3 months is THE target finish date at Hartech before the car goes back to Andy for completion of body kit fitting and finally the interior trim. 

As most of the heating gear was removed? we have been a bit inventive and sourced one of those bits of kit that allow for loud or normal exhaust note and adapted it to allow for airflow from the heat exchangers into the cabin like normal. Simply a switch, haven't decided where yet, to open and close, depending on the weather.

Took Max a good while to think it out and produce it, but I'm pretty sure you'll agree that it's pretty cool!!  Photo's included.

The handbrake cables need to be finished off and installed. Once that's done, the engine goes in and the powder coated engine tin will also be installed. Then Oil lines etc etc. 

Oh Yes, I shouted myself one of those 917 style gearshift knobs, so i'll include a couple of photos of that as well.

Heater Actuator.JPG

Heater Actuator 2.JPG

Heater Actuator3.JPG

Heater Actuator 4.JPG

917 Knob.JPG

917 knob 2.JPG

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Some good stuff happening at the moment, with the rear brake calipers going off to be rebuilt at Trade Brake & Clutch in Springvale. Adrian is looking after the front brakes, as they are aluminium and he prefers to do it this way. Boy, don't our friends in the fatherland know how to charge for 930 brake parts!!!!!  Anyway, they're looking good now and will look even better when the whole things are assembled and the yellow coloured bolts etc are sitting against the black of the caliper. 

Bobby at A1 Powder Coating in Moorabbin has done another ripper job on the engine tin and I was rapt when I picked it up this morning. 

John at Solar Plating in Mordialloc is such a pleasant guy to work with and very obliging in the time he takes to complete the job.

Woody at HydroBlast in Highett has the parts looking BRAND NEW after they go thru his process, readying them for plating. I got Woody's name from John at Solar and it shows that the guys producing the quality product, like to work together. Funny that they know Max, the fabricator as well. 

A couple photo's of the latest achievements. Hope you enjoy!

Aqaublasted brake parts..JPG

Front Hubs.JPG

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Some good shit happening now. The 4 wheels (7's & 9's) have gone to Wheel Solutions in Richmond for the RSR look to be applied but without the anodising. I found out that the early 70's Fuchs wheels were  different  in construction than those on the 80's cars and react differently to the process. No point in spending serious money when you can't achieve the original result, so I've settled on what's closest to it. 

The front calipers are overhauled now as are the rears and the rears are now being painted satin Black like the front. New backing plates for the fronts arrived and in place as per the following photo's.

The Oil Lines are now temporarily in place, but a bit of figuring out of actual location needs clarification. The new front turn signal rubber grommets also need to be fitted so that they don't sit against the braided hose which will obviously carry some heat. I hope that today's photo's show the good progress.

I spent a couple of hours wrapping the main wiring loom as well as the rear for the tail lights etc. The fabric tape is terrific to work with, but the standing up with your arms in the air doing it is a pain in the arse, sorry arms!!  

Hope you like the progress, I sure do.  Keep it up Ade!

Front Brake Fitted.JPG

Oil Lines 1.JPG

Oil Lines 4.JPG

Oil Lines 3.JPG

Oil Lines 2.JPG

Oil Lines 5.JPG

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