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SOLD. FS Simmons 3pce 996 GT3

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Genuine Simmons OM 18 inch three piece wheels off a 996 GT3 Porsche with Michelin cup sport 2 tires
Wheels are in good condition with no bends or buckles
Tires are old and due for replacement. Tire sizes are 235/40r18 and 295/30r18
Will fit all standard 996 and 997
Will come up like new with a quick wash and polish. Pickup Brisbane northside at chermside 4032 or298BD51B-D4FA-4E61-BB32-B0687EC3608E.thumb.jpeg.25b13c1930bde7bd32d9b00d4280f233.jpegC89FA4CF-C95B-431A-9D4B-56E710F6A654.thumb.jpeg.e3a0da79485781e76321b376a0459bac.jpeg94E639C2-0CF0-4E85-9F09-D834DEB2A24B.thumb.jpeg.887ff6fce96f78249ee475d5d20de84f.jpegCD5F91A2-6771-4F35-8437-492FA3B6855E.thumb.jpeg.4dff8fad5fb17abcaa48f0fc5064a7f5.jpegC07D0846-1F2E-452D-B4F3-B2FDE8D2CC20.thumb.jpeg.a916bd6d94941269180f70d81393eab1.jpeg

post at buyers cost 

$2000 obo

 Mick 0407737481

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Gave these a bit of a clean with some new pics that may help and ordered a set of centre caps as well genuine Simmons49930E95-2F4D-48D9-B2E2-1E0A9A7CDE79.thumb.jpeg.a0c87d84f8650007d2fdad47b03a79df.jpeg49930E95-2F4D-48D9-B2E2-1E0A9A7CDE79.thumb.jpeg.a0c87d84f8650007d2fdad47b03a79df.jpeg6CC44777-4281-4FB2-BAB7-0F9B0914990C.thumb.jpeg.6fbf417792af5187dc7ef6f6908f6de3.jpeg9D21FBE4-C91B-4CA6-83CB-56742B703846.thumb.jpeg.3708af4816d01f6412081d9a502d3e8a.jpeg


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18x9  with 7’ back space

18x11 with 8’ back space 

5x130 pcd 

centre caps on the way. 

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