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WTB 981 Boxster n.a. MANUAL

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Wanted 2012 - 2016 normally aspirated MANUAL 981 Boxster.


Must have:

- Australian delivered Manual

- full service history, either FFSH or Porsche independent specialist

- Clean straight car no accident history

- be able to pass PPI by Porsche specialist with no major skeletons in closet

<50,000 km milage

-seller must be able to explicitly demonstrate who they are and that they own the car


Would prefer:

3.4l S model 

silver, grey, white or gold exterior

Black interior


Financial PFA seller 

18 inch factory wheels


Deal breakers:

- overseas cars

- PDK or turbo cars

- poor / undocumented service history

- hail damage, accident damage,  skuffed wheels

- finance still owing on car

- lots of non oem mods or car wraps

- worn or scruffy interiors

- sellers who only want to correspond by email

- not after a 3.8 litre GTS ot GT4

- not after 20" wheels


Would consider:

- 2009 to 2012 987 Boxster s with 3.4 DFI non IMS engine if particularly smart car.

2.7 litre 981 

3.4 litre 981


Mature, no nonsense buyer who has finances sorted out and not looking to mess around. Long time PFA financial member, serious buyer.









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I am sure I saw a couple on car sales just yesterday.  A few Spyders too which is odd.  These guys must have or ordered the new one coming with the 4 ltr motor and are selling their old one.  $179,000 seems like the buy point

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A couple of comments to assist your search - you mention a preference for a 3.4 litre “S” model, manual transmission and 18” wheels - only the 2.7 litre base model came with 18” wheels with the “S” model fitted as standard with 19” rims and with many of those are optioned with 20”. I assume your preference for 18” wheels is due to ride comfort concerns - I would not discount a car with 20” rims if it has PASM (my Cayman has that combination and ride is brilliant for a focused sports car) - also be aware that some of the 20” styles (Carrera Classics & Techno) are wider rims than the Carrera Sports which does add to ride harshness - note also PASM lowers the ride height so that might not work if you have a steep driveway/cross over.

The gold coloured cars are very rare and more so with a manual transmission - Lime Gold was available as a special colour ($6000 option) for cars built between 2012 & 2015. One forum member here has a Lime Gold 981 Cayman with manual transmission but I don’t recall seeing a Boxster with that combination but confident you will find one in white, silver or grey. Good luck with your search!

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Spot on,  would have preferred slightly more profile for ride quality. I though the post may have smoked out a few members who want to sell but can't be bothered with all the tire kickers.

Its hard to work out if there are not many cars for sale in my preferred spec because it's summer, or just because they didn't sell that many in that spec. I did see a stat on NC mx5s where 90% were auto in their last 3-4 years of production.

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