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Sold: 981 Fabspeed Sport Headers

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For sale a set of Fabspeed 981 Cayman/Boxster Sport Headers (2013-2016).

Fabspeed Part No. FS.POR.981.SHDR, currently on Fabspeed website for $5,191.45 AUD plus freight.

Both Headers require new catalytic converters or can be converted to catless.

$600 OBO  plus freight



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Price drop

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Hi Redman,

I am interested in your headers. I'm in Sydney. I have a 2015, 981 Cayman S with an Akrapovic cat back exhaust system....was looking at Fabspeed or Cargraphic headers. I presume they are the 200 cell cats?

Can i ask why you chose Fabspeed Headers, and why you are selling these?




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Hi Shaun, the Fabspeed Headers were on the car when I bought it, installed by the original owner Jim Richards.

The cats are 200 cell but require replacing. With the burnt out cats I was getting a check engine light.

New cats can be cut in or originals can be gutted.

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Thanks for your response. The mighty Jim Richards? If so, good to see he drivers a Cayman.

I'll check the HJS tuning / Fabspeed and my exhaust guy about the cost of replacing the Cats......it doesnt appear to be a huge job, but I'll check and get back to you later today.

Thanks again,



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On 10/08/2020 at 15:48, RedMan said:

Sold, heading up North, wish I was going with them.


my understanding is that Fabspeed use the HJS 200 cell German made cats which appear to be the gold standard. I probably had in my mind that they would have a very long life. 

not meaning to pry / dig, but any idea if they fatigued early on your car (Jim constantly doing burnouts in coles car parks!) or they just don’t last that long.

my reading / research tells me that for 981 + 987.2 that have both cats in the header, and not the exhaust, that replacing header with fabspeed / carnewal headers using hjs cats is the best mod option for sound and power improvements but your post now has me spooked they will just “burn out”.

would appreciate any thoughts.

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Hi 550Spyder

Fabspeed do use the HJS 200 cell cats and even though their web site states “for track use only” they don’t appear to have a long lifecycle when on a car used predominantly on the track like mine has been. The problem may be in the actual diameter of the cat which I believe Fabspeed may have increased in their latest headers. If you are looking for a set then check out Soul Performance, they use the large diameter and should be easier to install, the Fabspeed design has restricted access to one of the head bolts on both sides. I don’t have any experience with the Carnewal product so don’t know what diameter they use. PM me if you want more detail.


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