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996 997 Sport Switchable Exhausts

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Hello All.

Just in case some of you are not following on my FB or Insta pages.

I have designed and manufactured a switchable sport exhaust which easily retro fits onto 996 and 997 cars. The system has 2 modes. Normal mode and Race mode. The idea is similar to the original PSE factory option of $7k back in the day. Although my race mode sounds way sportier! 

I retrofit the kit and add wiring and even factory press button on the dash. The system allows you to significantly improve the exhaust note when you want to make a bit more noise out on country roads or the race track and then turn it off again when you got the wife in the car or need to creep home late at night;-).

Its 100% designed fabricated and installed by me here in Melbourne using high quality Stainless steels and TIG welding. Its probably the cheapest way of improving the overall feel of your car while still passing a roadworthy. (Original Cat converters are retained). 

It is possible to ship the kit for a self install if you are not in Melbourne. Please get in touch if you interested.

See attached some installed pics on a 996 Carrera and a video testing on a 996 GT3 with what the car sounds like with switch in Normal Mode and then with Race mode activated!

I will be working on a setup like this for a 987 next. So stay tuned!

PS - Sorry I will not be giving close up pictures of the switch gear and how I do this due to copy cats etc. As i this is 100% my idea, design and fabrication. Thanks Greg!





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Sounds brilliant Greg if you could message me with a price 

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Interested but if anyone swaps their 997S exhaust for this kit, I may also be keen on buying it and having a spare 

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Hello All. Just an update. I fitted another kit on a stock 996 today. I'm really happy with the sound. The videos I had previously posted were of a 996 gt3. So naturally people wanted to hear what a Carrera sounded like. I have a set of 997 mufflers and a set of 996 mufflers in stock to swap out or to sell so you keep your mufflers standard. I'm not marking these up only selling for what I can get them for. Currently std mufflers owe me $600 a pair. Also these pics attached are of a 996 dash button. Naturally for 997 I use original 997 PSE buttons.

As I said. This is 100% designed and fabricated in house. Including the design of the electronic control module! So I am really proud of the product and hope that people will support local! 

Let me know your thoughts! Cheers Greg 






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Hi Greg 

Any pics of total system and are you using electric OTP style valves or, a more OEM inline vacuum actuated valve?

what size tube is used for the bypass pipes?


and anyone in Sydney fitted a system ? 

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Good Day Michel.

Thanks for the message. 

My apologies for the long time I have taken to reply.

I have not had any other shops install my exhaust system yet although it is very much possible for me to supply the complete kit. 

Problem is I would either need to sell you another set of mufflers or you post your mufflers to me to modify and return to you or your workshop. 

The valves I am using are inline vacuum operated valves. Very similar to OEM and very reliable. Tube bypass is 57mm

Unfortunately I do not like to post more pictures of the complete system due to people wanting to copy my work.

I hope you appreciate and understand.

If you have any more questions please feel free to call or message me on my mobile 0472675038

Thanks cheers 


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