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Spoiler and PSM on Boxster 987

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I recently purchased a Boxster 987.1 and i would like some clarification on something i believe maybe be faulty.

When to the car is on and parked pressing either the spoiler or PSM button doesn't illuminate nor does the spoiler go up. I have seen once where the spoiler was up and it was that day that I had drained the battery as I left the key overnight. I ended up having to purchase a new battery.

My question is should a light be on the switches when you press it? Assuming there is nothing wrong with the spoiler motor or fuses could it be the module that holds the bottoms? 

Would like to get it working without having to resort to expensive costs at the dealership.


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Yes, when the pressing the button it should light up and holding down the button will manually raise the spoiler.

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I have ordered a replacement spoiler/PSM switch off eBay. Hopefully that is where the fault lies. I will revert back here once I get the part and have a go at replacing it.

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