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Paint Shop Recommendation (Trung @ Powderhouse)

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My Arrow Blue '79 911 SC's paint needed some TLC., The guards had been painted by Exclusive Bodyworks in 2005/06, and the rest of the car had been painted in 1998/99 during full restoration at Porsche Melbourne. The paint looked fresh from a few meters away, but on a closer look there was bubbling in some places on the door & roof. Being wide-bodied the guards & the sill panels had copped up a fair bit of stone chips.

After enquiring about fixing the paint issues at a few shops, including Exclusive Bodyworks, decided to reach out to Trung from Powderhouse, whom I saw featured painting "Marty's STI" in a MightyCarMod's video.

Trung responded quickly, and on meeting seemed genuinely enthusiastic about working on my 911, so I decided to go with him.

He gave me a 3 week turnaround for a full body, glass out, doors in, bars out respray and gave me a quote that sounded reasonable. He seemed really passionate & knowledgeable in paint work, having worked in quite a few prestige bodyshops over his career with lots of experience in high end European cars (Lambos, Ferraris, Bentleys, Porsches etc).

Decided to go with him, and I am so glad that I did!

- outstanding quality of work. I got the car back today and it is looking like new from factory (I wasn't even born back then 😉so wouldn't know exactly!)

- amazing attention to detail. I am quite OCD about my Porsche, but he far exceeded even my OCD and there were occasions when I had to tell him to take it easy!

- honest bloke, was fully transparent with anything came up in the car, presented the options to me, and dealt in a very professional manner

- kept me daily updated on the progress of the car and I was amazed at the speed at which he got my job done (Marty comments the same about his work in his video as well)

- strong work ethics, delivered everything that he promised right to the T, including delivering the car in 3 weeks as promised (I was told at least 6-8 weeks by other shops)

- best quality materials - primer, paint, clear, polish etc

- easy to deal with, no BS, and no Porsche-tax in pricing

- and finally, what shone through was his passion & love for his job, the obsession for getting the best result for his client's car.

Some pics below - again photos don't do justice, so look forward to showing the car in person at one of the meets/ drives.

Strongly recommend Trung. Feel free to reach out to him if you want to get your Porsche resprayed or any panel/ paint issues addressed.

- Email: admin@powderhouse.co

- https://www.powderhouse.co/

- Facebook

- Instagram

PS: I have no business affiliation with Trung. Just really impressed by his work, so decided to leave him a review here.




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lovely color were you at ST Ives on Sunday discussing lid grills??

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4 hours ago, Tips said:

lovely color were you at ST Ives on Sunday discussing lid grills??

Sadly no, I couldn't make it to St Ives as the car wasn't ready last week 😕

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Thanks for sharing @blue_ixxi the Porsche tax and personalities that come with a lot of the Porsche workshops gets tiring IMO... nice to know there are still shops like this about, will give him a follow and consideration for any future projects. 


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