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Sold - Stainless Monty 2 in, 1 out

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For sale is a sweet stainless steel Monty muffler.  Regarded by many a favoured choice for an air-cooled hot rod.  As pictured it is a 2 in, 1 out let so will suit early heat exchangers, SSI and most performance headers.  In excellent used condition.  Will polish up nicely if that is your preference...




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6 minutes ago, GUT said:

Dumb question but someone might know…how does this compare to a dansk of the same configuration?

Given I don't know the answer, I certainly don't think it is a dumb question!! 

Being this is stainless steel (some lower end Dansk don't seem to be) and I understood Monty are Australian made, I'd hope these are better quality but the stainless Dansk I saw was certainly a decent looking unit also.

Re sound comparison (ie loudness and drone), I wish I knew... These have a rumble but not obnoxious.

I am only selling to fund being bent over for a Scart Super Sound... loud and obnoxious 😍

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On 03/07/2021 at 09:39, TDW911 said:

Fantastic muffler, you just have to make sure if it is to suit the early valance or the later impact bumper valance as they are different in the location of the outlet pipe.

Good advice. Having fitted this up to my ‘73, it’s apparent this is for an impact bumper car - the tail pipe sits lower. This would be the M21 model.

As such, it is available for sale. $750

It sounded quite similar to the Dansk I had on the car but I didn’t drive it to get the full picture.

I’m in Melbourne 

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12 minutes ago, TDW911 said:

You could get the tailpipe relocated/modified. I good shop can do this and you wouldn’t even know. Might be less hassle than selling it and buying another.

I could, but since I think it’s fairly similar to the Dansk, I’ll just stick with what I have and let someone else have it. Or leave it on the shelf for my next IB car! 

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