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1983 SC Cab Value

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My father-in-law has passed* and I'm just looking for an approximate value on it. It may end up changing hands in the family or out on the market. No details at this stage.

- 130k kms approx

- Aussie Delivered

- Manual

- Factory Cab (44 worldwide supposedly in RHD)

- Off white, possibly Alpine White.

- I think its all original but to be honest I'm not knowledgeable on anything air-cooled. I can easily grab photos.

- service history who knows, been sitting around rarely driven since 2006, certainly hasn't been serviced since then that I am aware of. Probably gets driven up and down the street a couple of times a year (private road).

* its been 2 years, we're only just getting around to dealing with it now

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Guessing early 1s The yellow one currently at CTS was for sale privately for sometime on Carsales in the early 100s. Start it the same as CTS and take it from there! Personally think white has more market appeal than yellow

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Thanks guys, and for the direct messages I got. Sounds like something you'd have to test the market with based on the range here.

I'm a coupe guy myself, so its easy to be objective about it. Drives nice though, I can see the appeal.

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