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How do you Appeal Demerits Points from a Few Years Ago?

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Just found out I have 3 demerit points from an offence in 2019, when I wasn’t even in the country 

Turns out Mrs was driving and it was a camera detected fine which she paid, and the points went to me as the car was in my name. I’ve only learned about it today in 2021

Tried to go online move the demerits to her but it seems impossible as 21 days has lapsed. 

Also, I’m wondering if my car insurance is now void as I haven’t declared these demerits, as I genuinely didn’t know about them 

Anyone have any idea how I can get these demerits off my license, or is that it now ? 

Thanks in advance 

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Get a couple of stat decs done.  One from you and one from your  missus.  Then copies to insurance company.  And the office involved in your state who sent the original infringement notice out.  No doubt will be a bit of mucking around and tooing and froing.   But that should be able to sort it out.  If you can get through on a phone line to thd penalties office and get the name of someone to email the copies  to, that would be handy.  Good luck with it.

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