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996.2 Camshaft Position Sensor Troubleshoot


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Hi All

I'm getting one of those occasional "bank 2 camshaft" error codes when I scan my engine.   I've cleared it twice, but it comes back.  Homework indicates there is a good chance it's just a wiring issue as the hall effect sensors don't fail too often (but they are a cheap replacement @ $150).  Bank 2 is driver side at the front - but there's a heap of ancillaries to get through to get to the sensor.  I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and whether there's a tips/tricks?



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A little update... Bank 2 is the right side of the engine (looking at it from the back) or RHD driver side.  And the sensor is at the gearbox end.  I say this as half the material I found had different meanings for "driver side" and what people consider the "front" of the engine.

Pulled the sensor (that's a fun job - so pleased I bought the mechpro low profile ratchet) - make sure you fish out the O ring too.  I followed some Youtube demos on how to test a hall effect sensor (3 wire) using just a multimeter. Pretty sure I found my sensor worked only intermittently, which would back up the code being thrown.  In any case it's sufficient doubt to warrant purchasing a replacement - it's a standard Bosch unit found across a lot of euro cars and priced around $120 delivered from one of the online shops, so a new one is ordered.

So prior to my coil packs failing earlier in the year, there was a very minor and intermittent "lope" when the engine idled - I put this down to a coil, and solved with the replacement 997 units as recommended by Porsche.  But I'm reading that a failed camshaft  phase sensor can also upset the DME from keeping the engine tuned right - I'll be interested to see whether I notice any real difference from what I think is a pretty well running engine.




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Holy Shit!

I replaced the Hall Effect sensor (phase sensor) on bank 2 and cleared all codes.  Took it for a run, and the difference was astonishing...

Clearly this sensor hasn't worked during my ownership, so the car's DME has been managing the engine on a 'safety curve' and holding the VarioCams at a constant setting.  Now the car is obviously adjusting the cams through the rev range and I 'feel' like I just scored an extra 50hp low down 2-4k and another 20hp running out to 6k.  I'm stoked!  Running the scanner over the engine and there are no more error codes.

Woot woot.

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