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(Sold) Possibly for sale: 1961 356 outlaw cab

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I bought this car about a year ago and since then had a 912 big bore engine built for it. I had plans to finish it off with some livery to complete the outlaw look.

I came across and 2004 996.2 turbo which I am keen to buy IF i sell the 356 so I am gauging interest out there.

Here are the details:

- German delivered converted to RHD. The conversion is immaculate. I converted two cars myself so I know what to look for. With this car, I couldn't tell if it was converted till I contacted Porsche for delivery info on it

- finished in matt grey. In case someone wants to put the car back to original, they can rub back the matt grey slightly and use it as undercoat.

- Info from Porsche is. The car is a German delivered vehicle. Atna Blue. Light Grey Interior. Leather seats. Chrome wheels

- Comes with a hardtop

- Original parts are included with the car included seats and bumper bars. So again, if someone keen to put it back to original, should be a major job.

- Currently running disk brakes all around and 17" Fuchs

I would be asking $137k in its current condition. Ie what you see in the pictures plus the original parts and the full reco'd 1720 912 engine. You will need to fit the engine and gauges, bleed the brakes, etc.

Honestly, this is a bargain price for a restored 356 cab.

I can finish it off but will be asking north of $160k.










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Posted it on few FB forums. Had to deal with some weird 5h!t. Received an offer which I accepted and its going to Sydney soon

Now to the next project which I reckon I will regret. A Lambo Countach replica with a 5lt SS VT engine. Out of Perth, half completed. Chassis engineered and has a vin#, rest to be done. I will waste the next few years of my life battling the Vicroads bureaucracy :(





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