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Wheel transport who to use?

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Just now, James P said:

I'm after recommendation for a company to transport wheels interstate... i used e-go in the past but they now don't accept car parts or wheels, anyone transport wheels lately?

I just received a set of wheels from NSW via Pack & Send. Seemed reasonable enough price wise and was delivered in 48 hours. 

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 @James P I recently sent a set of dismantled 3 piece rims to Melbourne via Australia Post. I boxed them up in two wheel boxes from a tyre shop, packed them with loadsa bubble wrap etc, and it cost $35 for both boxes which were 11kg and 19kg.

 I entered the box sizes and weights into a calculator on their website, and it was the same price as what they charged me at the post office.

 Theres also Pack n Send, yet they're much dearer from my experience

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Pack n Send not the cheapest but one phone call and next day pickup is stress free, they will pack or you can box them ready with 2 strong port-o-robe boxes (providing it's rims only and under 20"). I sent a transmission (oil no problem) strapped to a cut down pallet and all no fuss and quick from Lilydale Pack n Send. 

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