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 Its nearly every day we have new or low post count members trying to flog their cars off without being a financial member.

 Fair enough if they don't 'legitimately' know about the forum guidelines re selling anything here, yet time and again there are members (including a minority of regular contributors) who try it on just to save $25 

 We have some very observant members here who see the posts that we may miss and report them, then we investigate and hide the thinly disguised ads (especially Miss Daisy) and message the 'advertiser' privately. Well that's changing, and I will just hide your post and call you out in public. If you keep doing it, all of your posts will be deleted and you'll be restricted from posting anything. 

Scared? Probably not, but there are guidelines to stick to on this forum, as it does take money to run it and admin need to make some of yours to keep it going.

Forego a few of your mocca soy almond latte's to keep the forum a place for Porsche enthusiasts to hang out, waste time, escape the missus/mr/she/he/whatever you wanna call your other half, ask questions etc etc, as the place doesn't run itself


Moderating team


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35 minutes ago, sleazius said:

I was guilty of this, in my defence I hadn’t been here in 6 months and didn’t realise I’d lapsed.

Is there a recurring payment option? Set and forget?

 That's fine mate, you're not the only one and we do understand. I'm not sure if there is an automated email notification about financial membership renewals, so maybe admin can look into that if it's possible? 👍


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