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WTB/Swap- 18” BBS Sport Classics


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Hi All,

Am considering changing the rims on my 996 C2.1. 

Currently running OG 17” Cup 2 rims fully restored and painted in Weiss Gold.

I had ordered a set of new aftermarket 18” Euromeister GT3-styled rims, but due to COVID unfortunately remanufacturing continues to be delayed and my money was returned.

Considering a set of 18” BBS Sport Classics? There were a set on Gumtree a month or so ago but I did not pursue at the time.

Anyone have a set lying around or would even consider a swap if currently running them (will be selling my Cup 2 rims with near new tyres once replacements sourced)? Alternatively I also have a set of OG 996 17” Turbo twists that I would be prepared to do a deal on.



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On 11/10/2021 at 08:06, dan_189 said:

I have a set of 18" 996 MK1 GT3 wheels that are being refurbished at the moment, not sure when i'll have them back but they are a similar design to the BBS sport classic. They will be for sale soon.

Thanks Dan but have my mind set on either the BBS Sport Classics or the 18" Euromeisters.

The Sport Classics were a factory option on 996s, thought someone may have a set kicking around? :)



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