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993 engine advertised and Sold in under 48 hours

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Things are still extremely HOT in the A/C parts market, post COVID.

Did you notice in TP  - a complete 993 motor with a refresh was advertised 2 days ago for 43K; & sold in about 48 hours.

I suppose because its quite hard to get stuff from US & Euro atm, people here are paying a premium. Do water cooled 996/7 motors sell for these figures YET?

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16 hours ago, reggiegums said:

Not doubting you, but did it sell?

Shit, I have a 993 turbo engine which i should reassemble and sell.

It is listed as "Recently Sold" - but I don't know how that works in Trading Post, as distinct from eBay.

The point is these are selling for far more than we would have imagined a few years ago - even though we can't see exactly what the final sale figure was. If you ever intended to sell, I would consider doing it now.

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